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Professional Digital Marketing Training in Nigeria:

We Offer Expert SEO Skills and Digital Marketing Courses.

Learn how to market your products with digital channels. At Abbakin Digital Marketing Academy, we teach Disruptive Online Marketing Skills, Social Media Advertising, Advanced SEO Strategy, Full-Stack Web Development, Blogging, and Content Syndication. We offer global recognized digital marketing certificate programs for collage students, business entrepreneurs, online marketing managers  and government institutes.

Revamp your career with latest IT Skills and Database Management Technologies, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, AI, and Deep Data Analysis. Our talented digital experts are passionate about providing the best SEO training in Lagos Nigeria. We use offline classroom methods and e-learning platforms to present our lessons and track candidates progress.

Why We Do Modern Brand Development?

Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency in Lagos.

Transform your outbound marketing efforts from the usual concept of direct sales, trade shows, word of mouth, cold calling and print advertising into dynamic internet marketing methods that speak to large target audience at no extra cost. We’re leading SEO Website Designers, Business Branding and Digital Marketing Agency in Lagos Nigeria that leverage innovative designs, best-performing advertising platforms, and data-driven internet marketing strategies to produce outstanding results for all our clients in Ikeja Lagos, Lekki, Ibadan, Abuja, Kano, Anambra, Delta, Enugu, Port Harcourt, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, USA, UK, India, China and across the world.

If you want to market online, dominate your industry and reach millions of customers with a small budget, then it is proven that such effective marketing campaigns would require a mix of traditional media advertising and online marketing activities. Our digital marketing professionals can generate the most qualified leads, drive traffics and communicate your brand promise; anytime anywhere in the customers’ buying journey. With your lucrative business objectives in mind, we carryout competitive market analysis and develop integrated online marketing plan that will sell your goods or services to the direct consumers.

As your reliable business partner, our AIM is to build strong brand equity for your organisation, increase your brand awareness, online visibility, lead generation, and revenue growth. Whether you’re a small business owner or medium scale enterprise, a non-profit NGO, an established real estate firm, oil & gas company, medical or educational institution looking for result-oriented digital marketing consultants in Nigeria? We’re bespoke digital advertising and PR company with a team of experienced web developers, viral media promoters, software programmers, freelance marketers, brand development managers, graphic designers, and local SEO copywriters with the skills and expertise to drive your business forward. 

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    Our Superior Digital Marketing Process

    We Build and Manage Projects Based on Clients’ Requirements.


    We begin all work processes by having detailed discussion to know our clients and to understand their business goals. We then prioritize these goals and use prefect templates that transform into deliverable milestones.


    After project review and brainstorming, we execute each design, development or campaign based on clients’ requirements; including new features that will deliver the anticipated improvements in your industry.


    Upon completion, we carry out rigorous testing of all core features to ensure functional and error-free experience after project launch. This process also includes technical support/training to help your team manage new functions.

    Fortune Companies That Work With Us:

    Discover Quality Graphic Design, Printing & Packaging Solutions.

    Let us build your portfolio, advertise your business, market your personality, products, or services using online marketing channels, electronic devices, Smartphone and digital technologies. Abbakin Glova Solution Ltd is one of the best top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Lagos Nigeria like Wild Fusion, Ziza Digital, Crank Digital, Giga Lagos, Dptrax, Topyougo, Anakle, Intense, Ckdigital, Thrive, CarolineWabara and Taget Media as featured on Google, clutch, sortlist, topseos, invoice, alternativeadvert and soravjain. Expose your new products and professional services with effective online marketing strategies. If you want to make money online, then learn how to start a digital marketing agency in Nigeria from Philip Kotler inspired experts. We teach fundamental and advanced digital marketing skills.

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    Digital Marketing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What is Digital Marketing Strategy?

    Digital Marketing is the art of selling, advertising and promoting a company’s goods or services to online shoppers using the internet and other innovative digital technologies. On the other hand, a Digital Marketing Strategy is a set of planned marketing activities that helps an individual or organization attain specific marketing goals through the use of carefully selected digital marketing channels; such as paid, earned, and owned media.

    If you are planning to take your offline business or brick and muter store online, then you may consider the use of different digital marketing techniques; which will involve the advertising of your products online using eCommerce websites, social media platforms, search engines, web apps, email messages, blog articles, image/video contents to reach your target consumers.

    How Can Digital Marketing Benefit My Business?

    Digital marketing gives you the opportunity to showcase your business offers and educate your buying communities who are constantly surfing the internet with different electronic devices like personal computers, smartphones, and tablets. It’s cheaper than traditional advertising channels; helping many entrepreneurs and startup businesses reduce the high cost of implementing outbound marketing methodology.

    Again, Digital Marketing provides 24×7 worldwide service availability and customer support. That is, it has no consumer reaching limitation as you can connect and marketing to a global audience on the go or even at the comfort of your home or office location. Thus, this modern marketing approach is not the same with selling at physical stores.

    How Much Do Digital Marketing Companies Charge in Nigeria?

    Start your digital marketing campaign on a smaller budget, we offer cost effective digital marketing and advertising services at cheaper rates. Most Digital Marketing Agencies in Nigeria can charge anything from ₦400,000 to ₦600,000 Naira per month or more. Although, the cost of your digital marketing campaign in Nigeria will depend on the business marketing goals, expected reach, maximum traffic, sales results and types of internet marketing strategies you choose.

    Despite different pricing packages by these SEO Agencies in Nigeria; what matter most to your bottom line are the measurable results we bring on the table. At Abbakin Glova Solution Ltd, we implement high growth performance digital marketing services that speak volume for any individual or company that call us.

    How Do I Hire Best Digital Marketing Agency Near Me?

    You can contact Abbakin Digital today to request a quote about your required digital marketing services. You can browse through our website, read our clients’ testimonials and visit our portfolio page to see our past works. We offer bespoke digital marketing solutions for businesses at affordable prices. Our digital marketing campaigns are designed to help your business gain massive online exposure, drive the right website traffic and sell your product or service to interested buyers who are looking for your great products online.

    We work with different entertainment celebrities, law firms, engineering companies, FMCG manufacturers, value-added agro farmers, food restaurants, auto dealers, travel agencies, insurance firms, fashion designers, maritime corporations and logistics companies.

    Why Outsource Digital Marketing Jobs to Freelance Marketers?

    Outsourcing can deliver great results if you work with the right team with industry knowledge about your local market and business needs. Since the advent of the internet, digital marketing has change the way we communicate with potential prospects, sell and advertise a business or its products online. Nevertheless, digital marketing is not for everybody, you need a data-driven and aggressive digital marketing team that can help your new and existing businesses achieve its growth opportunity.

    Even though you have in-house marketing employees in your organization, we can still help you do more by researching, planning, designing and implementing growth hacking strategies that is working for our most happy customers. As digital project outsourcing company in Lagos with branch offices across Nigeria, we are a team of digital marketing specialists, media planners, creative designers, digital brand storytellers, and experienced SEO experts who understand several marketing channels or industries. We carry out any marketing functions entrusted on us with utter diligence and transparency and protect our clients’ privacy. We save you the costs of full-staff staff recruitment, time and increase company operational efficiency.

    Viral Video Marketing Production.

    Video content is a viral web marketing media and webinar that can create customer value and drive countless traffic for your website. It can drive traffic to your website, bring new subscribers, more clicks, backlinks, rankings in search results and success in your marketing objectives. We’re the best video production studio in Lagos Nigeria. We use online video marketing as another way to create content that educate, inform and entertaining your audience and B2C clients. Video marketing is another powerful digital marketing tools to inform your consumers about new products offers; it can increase your company’s social media engagement and boost your products or service sales opportunities.

    We develop short branded marketing videos personal and company use; including motion graphics, white board and animated videos that would be embedded on your company website; Youtube videos, Facebook Live and other video contents that help your customers digest your business information online, watch and interact with your brand production processes.

    Corporate Photography/Virtual Art.

    Let us create eye-catching graphic images and high-quality photographs for your websites, social media platforms, company profile, flyers and other print/digital advertising materials. Our in-house photo artists offer visual storytelling, corporate photography, team and business modelling images.

    We know how to take multiple portfolio shots, food or product photographs, commercial event pictures, documentary, exhibitions, and portrait photographs in ways that would help you achieve your individual branding and organizational visual communication goals.

    What are the Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing?

    Digital Marketing is one of the fast growing ICT industries in Nigeria that can help small business, big firms and startup companies who need digital marketing in Nigeria to promote their products online and increase sales at the back of the current global economic recessions and coronavirus pandemic. Over the past few years, the Nigerian internet population has continued to grow with increase in mobile phones usage and internet penetrations. These days, lots of small and medium sized businesses are born on the internet to leverage the great opportunity of selling their products to a global community. Thus, Digital marketing is working effectively in Nigeria and there is high demand for experience digital marketers. The fortune 500 companies are investing large in the digital market space. Why? Because Digital Marketing is better than Traditional Advertising methods which cost more as compared to Digital marketing channels.

    Again, Digital Marketing helps to reach more and wider audiences. It’s easier to define your audience, target the rightful customers and track results with Digital Marketing than promoting products and services with television, radio programs, print media, PR activities, door to door marketing, telemarketing and other mass communication strategies. It adds values to customer relationship management (CRM) and satisfaction by giving customers extra benefits online, informing and education them about new product development; monitoring conversations, getting feedback and responding to customers queries in real times. Therefore, it is important to start a full service creative marketing agency to support the Nigerian entrepreneurs and company managers.

    We Do Competitive Brand Audit & Web Analytics.

    This is how to track landing pages converting metrics, marketing email campaigns and search engine results that take your business to the next level. Upgrade your intellectual vibes, minimum viable products, products prototype models, wireframe sitemaps, visual mockups, storyboards, and turn them into functional website designs with dynamic image slides, product galleries, digital downloads, and online shopping carts with active links and call-to-action buttons. Abbakin is the most effective web design and digital marketing agency in Nigeria according to latest reviews. Let us evaluate the critical performance issues affecting your website position in the online marketplace. We carryout ongoing website  maintenance and fix sites SSL security problems and coding errors, redesign slow loading pages and outdated websites; review domain authority sores, users bounce rates, 404 broken links, and referral traffic flows.

    In order rank your website on the first page of search giants, we conduct industry market share assessment, discover your major competitors’ top selling keywords and use these web reports to boost your online presence and improve company sales. We boost your customer base and brand value proposition with our landing page conversion rate optimization (CRO) services, effective content development tactics, consistent online reputation management, better SEO ranking and worldwide brand recognitions.

    How Can I Start a Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria?

    Build your digital marketing career, upgrade your work skills, earn highest digital marketing salary and side income with our digital marketing master class. Starting a business in the internet advertising and digital marketing industry demands a competitive business startup plan as stated in our step by step guide on how to start online business in Nigeria and make money out of it.

    If you want to know How Start a Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria with no experience, visit this page to learn more on how to start and succeed in your dream digital marketing company in Nigeria. As Certified Google Partner and disruptive advertising agency in Lagos Nigeria, we kvwo how o market businesses online our digital marketing professionals and online consultants provide useful resources to support your business startup from scratch and help your company grow and stand out in the online industry.

    Here are 8 Steps for Starting a Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria

    1. Get completely qualifies. Purchase our diploma digital marketing course and technicalSEO training certificate for beginners and advanced marketers.
    2. Define your digital marketing business goals, identify your unique selling points and focus on the best types of digital marketing services. Be it SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email, Content, Mobile Marketing, Influencer, Affiliate Marketing, etc.
    3. Create an awesome Digital Marketing Website or SEO friendly WordPress Blog with Quality Content to promote your online services.
    4. Invest in Branding, create Social Media Profiles with Viral Content to get hug Likes and Followers for your ProfitableDigital Marketing Company.
    5. Register your Digital Marketing Agency as Sole Proprietorship Firm or Private Limited Company with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
    6. Get Leads; Optimize your Website with SEO, run Adwords Campaigns and Email Marketing to grow your Digital Marketing Firm off the ground.
    7. Get Hired, Contact Local Businesses, Sign-up on Freelancer Websites in Nigeria like Upwork and start getting Digital Marketing projects.
    8. Gain quality experience, network with industry influencers, build your portfolios and share your clients’ success stories.

    Promote your products, events or services with professional indoor and outdoor signage. We’re your reliable printing and packaging company in Lagos Nigeria. We make variety of beautiful business signs, company seals and rubber stamps for city restaurants, retail stores, schools, churches and long-standing companies.

    We design, manufacture and supply Illuminated pylon posts and menu boards, plastic and aluminum A-frame signs, moving LED display signs, street lamp posts, award plaques, vinyl stickers, wall and window decals, vehicle graphics, large format display banners, front desk reception signs, points of sales terminals and other office signs. We offer Newspaper Advertising, Trade Show Displays, Outdoor Advertising, Bus Advertising and Radio Advertising across major cities in Nigeria.

    Most of our completed custom business signs are carefully packaged, sealed and delivered to different clients’ locations in Nigeria and beyond within the turnaround timelines. Our production team can also install these informative signs at the required vintage storefront or inside your business premises.

    What are the Best Internet Marketing Strategies to Grow My Business?

    Hire talented marketer who can create search engine marketing plan, strategic marketing program and profitable sales funnel that will suit your marketing budget and help you outrank major competitors in your target market.

    As a leading digital marketing agency in Lagos Nigeria, our internet marketing services include:

    1. UX/UI Website Development and Consulting
    2. Web Hosting and Domain Name Registrations
    3. Copywriting and Persuasive Content Development
    4. Website Reviews and Conversion Rates Optimization (CRO)
    5. Media Buying Marketing Research to Grow Your Customer Base
    6. Competitive Brand Guidelines and Layouts Designs
    7. Selecting Brand Themes, Color Schemes, and Logo Designs
    8. Social Media Accounts Setup and Media Integrations
    9. SEO to rank #1 on Google search engine result page (SERP)
    10. Business Blogging, Public Relations, Digital PR and provocative Integrated Marketing Communications
    11. Site Authority Link Building Services and Online Reputation Management
    12. Virtual Graphic Designs and Quality Printing Services to deliver agile Digital & Offline Marketing Campaigns
    13. Verified Online Presence on Google Map Finder, Local Business Directories and Yellow Pages.
    14. Beginner/Advanced Digital Marketing Training for Marketers and Mangers
    15. Cheap CPC PPC, Google Ads or Paid Display Ads to Increased Sales, Website Traffic and Domain Authority
    16. Social Media Engagement to Improve Brand Awareness and Recognition by Sharing Useful Content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, TikTok and more.
    17. Measuring Digital Marketing Results and ROI with Google Analytics and other digital tools.
    18. Site Security, Monitoring, Racking and Weekly/Monthly Performance Reporting
    19. Digital Marketing Project management, ongoing maintenance, staff recruitment and outsourcing

    Advance your IT career at Abbakin ICT Training Centre near you. Learn Front-end Website Design, Back-end or Full-Stack Web Development Skills with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Programming Language. Get familiar with Frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, or Libraries like jQuery and LESS which enable you package your hard written codes and comment tags into beautiful-looking web pages.

    Enhance your work performance with additional web tools. Learn how to use high-level and server-side programs like PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, C++, or .Net language interoperability framework to build applications and database maintenance tools such as MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server. They power the user-facing navigation or browser side of your new websites.

    Working on both server and client sides can open more job opportunities for Full-Stack Web Programming Professionals. At the end of these courses, students will learn UX/UI Designs, Domain Name System (DNS), Content Management System (CMS), or WordPress website design, Shopify Design Skills, Websites Debugging, Windows Applications, and Android/iPhone Mobile Developments.

    Enroll today and fulfill your digital dreams at our ICT Center. We teach latest Cloud Computing and Database Management Technologies, Graphic Designs and Animation; Video Editing and Animation, Software Engineering, Digital Marketing Skills, Big Data Visualization, Statistical Analysis; Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning Algorithms and Artificial Intelligent (AI).

    Other popular Information Technology Training Courses we offer include Cyberspace Security, Internet Paid Search Tools, Computer Aided Designs (CAD), Computer Hardware & Software Engineering, Application Programs, CISCO Technologies, Microsoft Certified System Administration, Computer Networking, Wireless VoIP/CCTV/POS Device Installations and Maintenance Skills; Office Electronic Data Processing, Data Storage, Information Transmission and Protection.

    We know how to create digital-media relationships, retargeting content strategy, social media strategy, online marketing strategy, messaging personalization, digital marketing plan, and organic search marketing automation for marketing-mix and conversions optimizing; using modern marketing tactics, latest marketing trends, paid advertising and hubspot marketing tools.

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    Grow your brand’s visibility with Leading Website Design Company, Branding and Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria. We’re professional services firm that specialized in creative Web Design project, Branding & Digital Marketing Agency in Lagos Nigeria. Looking to nurture your product brands, grow your customer base, social media channels and attract new leads to your buyer funnel, contact us for social media management pricing packages in Nigeria. Join happy clients and small businesses who are using the key searches and other marketing segmentation phases: awesome logo design companies in Nigeria, best digital marketing agency near me to find us. As top ranking internet marketing agency in Africa, our marketing programs are still evolving, implementing new marketing tool, and competitor remarketing metric. We use best in class online marketing techniques, content-creation tactic and content marketing strategy will improve your marketing online, giving you greater reasons to embrace niche specific Internet marketing strategy.

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