Abbakin Golva Solution Limited in the Press

Abbakin Golva Solution Limited

Abbakin Golva Solution Limited in the Press


Dear Media Partners,

Thank you for having interest about Abbakin!




Abbakin Golva Solution Limited is a privately held Limited Liability Company incorporated in Nigerian under the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA1990), as amended.

Headquartered in Lagos with RC 1290712; we are the first African modern enterprise specializing in business innovation and support services.

By carrying out research, informing; auditing and providing expert consultancy to individuals, agencies and corporate businesses, Abbakin is actively involved in the promotion of businesses – in all areas of life, industry and trade.

As a service oriented company, Abbakin is currently investing heavily on its own infrastructures and human resources; and have put in place various skill acquisition and training programs to enable our people deliver quality service results.

Economic Development through Entrepreneurship is a laudable project and we are working collaboratively with industry experts to improve the quality and standard of our programs so as to achieve it.


Abbakin Golva Solution Limited is calling on individual investors, corporate organizations, manufactures of innovative business products, and possible international donor agencies who believe that interventions in Entrepreneurship is a key to achieving grassroots development in Africa and cross the world.

We will continue our global networking ambition by investing in good information promotion and discussion systems, creating the most convenient and reliable platforms for best business development and excellent service delivery.

If you want to know more about our winning business models, strategic Partnership with us, or you have any questions concerning our services, kindly get in touch here.


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