Abbakin Target Savings and Business Loans Projects

Abbakin Target Savings and Business Loans Projects

Are you a business owner, a supply chain or corporate organization looking for partners, growth capital and business support? The Abbakin Target Savings and Business Loans Project include our In-house Entrepreneurs Empowerment Schemes that may push your idea about starting or growing up your business.

To put your plans into perspective, you need so much information to learn and some help on how to grow your business, make more money and improve lives! Every entrepreneur can benefit from our continues business education, networking events, business development services, online marketing and financial assistance.


SMEs’ infrastructure have high financing needs and this requires a specific structuring to be able to handle them. Whether you are just starting out or handling multiple roles within your company – cash is cow and a business cannot run without it. The major reason that often kills great business ideas and the dreams of most entrepreneurs is their inability to secure small business loans.

But with our business acceleration programs, you can learn, graduate, and receive the funding support you need to start or expand your existing businesses. Find out more about how you can benefit from our free business mentoring program for startup entrepreneurs.


Savings Just Got Easier with ATSA!

Like the traditional way of putting your money in a box, the Abbakin Target Savings Account (ATS-Account) is an automated, secured, and convenient savings platform that enables you save little amounts of money daily, weekly or monthly; to meet your specific financial goal.

By saving at a reasonable rate for minimum of three (3) tenors in a year, this account can help you take out a small business loan – towards starting-up or growing your businesses; purchasing the investment products, or equipments for your newly opened office apartments or online shop.

Once you create an account, you can top-up your savings target, stop or continue a saving plan at anytime. All your transactions are done automatically; and you will receive email notification anytime you save with your Nigerian debit card. And did you know? NO deposits fees involved!

Why We Created This ATSA?

Abbakin has being working collaboratively with industry partners and organizations to identify the best ways to break the poverty and unemployment cycle in Nigeria, Africa and other developing counties.
We created this platform to encourage a saving culture that helps startup individuals, business owners and organizations plan better, achieve more and retire well.

In addition to the percentage interest gained and easy access to business financing; you will continue to receive our case management and programmatic engagements; plus great discounts on all products or services you purchase from us.

Because we love to empower entrepreneurs, the aim of our business loans and start up lending projects is to foster sustainable economic development –  investing and supporting sound business ventures within our communities.

This special initiative is geared towards financial inclusion of young Nigerians through convenient access to digital financial services.

How The ATS-Account Works?

If you need further information about ATSA or how you can access the Abbakin Business Loans, visit the frequently asked questions page and get in touch here.

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