Entrepreneurship Training and Career Programs

Entrepreneurship Training and Career Programs

Abbakin provides newest entrepreneurship training and career programs that you can start at the comfort of your home, office or attend classes at our skill acquisition center. We provide quality short courses which will help individuals meet their learning objectives and achieve success in life.

Whether you’re looking to advance your career, improve your management or sales skills, enhance your workplace interpersonal skills, and brush up on the latest accounting or computer applications; or you’re in charge of employees that need these vital skills.

Abbakin designs its courses to suit your individual and organizational specific requirements. Our courses involve interactive sessions, role-plays, and scheduled assessments designed to develop the required skills, attitudes and behaviours in the industry.


Courses Focus on Subject Areas Such as:

  • Bookkeeping Accounting and Financial Management,
  • Leadership and Career Development,
  • Business Planning and Brand Building,
  • Human Resource Management Systems,
  • Process Innovation and Re-engineering,
  • Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Management (HSE);
  • Sales, Marketing, and Customer Care Management,
  • Computer skills & Information Communications Technology, (ICT)
  • Digital Marketing and Web Programming Skill Sets
  • Risk Management, Insurance, and Legal Perspectives.


These courses identify notable insights from the Abbakin’s body of research from accredited sources, and are prepared by fully qualified instructors – to provide continuing education credit hours that emphasize on conceptual reasoning, project management frameworks and problem solving.

Our mentors and instructors are available 24×7, and learners can ask questions, receive clarification and request additional resources to help them get the answers and understanding principles they need.


What Inspired Us?

Abbakin aims to offer business training programs and human capital development for the world’s most esteemed business colleges, marketing institutions and I.T. Certification professionals, such as the:

  • International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®),
  • Academy for Entrepreneurial Studies in Nigeria
  • Human Resource Certification Institute;
  • IT Infrastructure Library Foundations;
  • Digital Marketing Institute, and
  • Project Management Institute (PMI).


These institutions offer highly recognized business development and career certifications programs essential for today’s employees to hold for the success and stamina of every business.

We will continue to develop our programs as long as we can, and make it better and better. The aim of our learning projects is to empower your chances of success, and help you drive your career and businesses forward!


Entrepreneurship Training and Career Programs

Entrepreneurship Training and Career Programs


What Do I Get Out Of This Business Training?

Don’t just take our word for it, foundation classes, certificate courses and diploma programs in management, marketing and information technology are setting the standards for industries worldwide.

With participation, certification and becoming a member at Abbakin.com; individuals, and organizations will be able to fine-tune their career path, expand their business management skills, and revamp their special industry skills and standards.

Career development programs, business management training and leadership skills will help a professional get a good job, start his/her own business, and stay competitive in what is now a highly digital environment.

New startups can benefit from our 6months mentoring program, while expanding a business organization can be as easy as setting up your business structures, strategic marketing tools and technical infrastructures for your newly opened office apartment or online business.

With our mentoring system of learning, training workshops and interaction with other in the Community, learning is not only on your own. Abbakin created this platform as a tool for you to study with interest, share ideas with others and supercharge your productivity.


How Do I Get Started?

If you are looking for entrepreneurship development programmes in Nigeria, you can start your journey to success with our free tools and resources in an industry that offer a lot of job security, prospects and financial freedom.

We have online and offline packages. And we are currently accepting applications this year from individuals, groups and companies over a 2 months training period.

Simply follow the link below to view all the available courses now! Remember to contact us to discuss the course that suits your personal or business goals.




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