Escape Unemployment Through Entrepreneurship

Escape Unemployment Through Entrepreneurship

Unemployment is a major problem Nigeria is facing as a country. To tackle the problem, here are ways you can escape unemployment through entrepreneurship. The government is doing its best to provide gainful employment for her teeming population. But, the fact is the government cannot do it alone. All hands must be on deck.

This unemployment carousel has to stop. It has already shown over and over again that entrepreneurship is the breakthrough if the country is serious about solving the problem. Entrepreneurship is the process of scheming, launching and running a new business, which is often initially a small business. The people who create these businesses are called entrepreneurs.

Unemployed Nigerians need to look beyond applying for jobs and waiting for the government for largess and start doing something for themselves. That is the only way they will earn the standard of living they so desire.

Jumia started as a small business where you can order household items. Today, Jumia is a billion dollar African ecosystem. Through Jumia, millions across the continent have been empowered and are now earning money to cater for themselves.

From Nigeria where it started to Kenya, Morocco, Cameroon, and South Africa among others, the stories are the same. Young people are making money by joining the Jumia J-force.

If you are unemployed and want to become an entrepreneur, then you should join Jumia J-force where you have the title of ‘Jumia Sales Consultant’. You make commission selling items supplied by Jumia. Your efforts are rewarded: the more you work, the more you make commission selling items supplied by Jumia.

You earn money even shopping for yourself on Jumia. It even gets better because you require zero capital to start which is the bedrock to earn. This is just one of the many ways Jumia is complementing government efforts in tackling unemployment.

Other Ways to Escape Unemployment Through Entrepreneurship include:

Think outside the traditional money sources

You are fortunate to have a rich array of alternative funding for fledgling businesses in many markets. Foster relationships between venture capitalists, incubators, business angels and a host of up-and-coming accelerators and crowd-funding platforms. Create a community that is easy for everyone to access.

Entrepreneurship training

Entrepreneurship training is not where it is supposed to be today. Nigerians have to disabuse the thought that white collar jobs are the only way to survive. No, you do not. In between the time you are searching for jobs, you should go learn a handwork or during your NYSC, be part of their youth empowerment programme. It will really help you in the long run.

It is never too late

It is never too late to be an entrepreneur. If you have an idea you have been brooding on for years, gather your trusted friends, share your ideas with them and work very hard to ensure that you bring the idea to fruition.

Source: The Nation.

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