2019/05/12 10:00
May 12 2019

Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Workshop

  • 10:00 AM
  • Agbayewa Memorial College, Lagos Nigeria.

The Abbakin Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Workshop and Exhibition is bringing the best out of the Nigerian graduates.

This event is designed to educate young graduates and working class professional to understand that waiting for white collar form of employment or relying only on salaries and/or pensions should not be the norm.

Instead, this program emphasizes that they should improve their capacity to be self-employed.

During this event, participants will learn everything about how to spot business ideas; how to target real customer base, how to develop their business plans and start the business they love.

If you’ve been missing a lot of information about successful business practices, resources and discussions on issues of business interest, then this young entrepreneurs empowerment workshop is for you.


Make preparations to attend this year program!


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This will include your logo inclusion on our websites; and placements on all the event advertising materials.

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If you’re ready to reach our audience, and attend this young entrepreneurs empowerment program and its related activities, then get more details here.

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this young entrepreneurs empowerment program





My experience about the Abbakin Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Workshop is a very excited and educative one. I attended the Youths Empowerment Program in Lagos as a Corps member during my service year.

And by the grace of God, I’m presently employed at the HR Department of the Ajab Food Ltd here in PH. I must say kudos to the Project Team for a job well done in the area of career counseling.

Cynthia Ebey

Cynthia EbeyHR Personnel - Ajab Food Nigeria Ltd