Flabush Food Fusions: Small Chops and Grilled Food Service

Flabush Food Fusions

Flabush Food Fusions: Small Chops and Grilled Food Service

Flabush Food Fusions prides itself with excellent service, superb, quality and well coordinated staffs that understand the essence of good reception to make guests at events comfortable and keep them happy.


About Flabush Food Fusions

Flabush Food Fusions is a Catering service company that provides finger food and grilled food services for events like BBQ Weekend, Concerts, Weddings, Birthday’s, Boardroom Breakfast, Naming ceremony etc.

Our products and services are designed to match the food and style of service to the occasion. All aspects of the food and service will be taken into consideration during the planning stage;  providing professional help in events meal preparation, waiters and also catering rentals.



Foods it’s what we love doing and put a lot of passionate effort into making sure that our clients and their guests get the best of our tasty and mouth watering services.

We have worked with notable brands like Heineken, Star, Lafup the Comedian etc. With us, you are guaranteed an impressive and quality service.


Contact Information

You can follow us @flabushfoodfusions on instagram and

On Facebook: www.facebook.com/flabushfoodfusionsNG


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