5 Reasons To Make A Career Out Of Information Technology

Information Technology Career

5 Reasons To Make A Career Out Of Information Technology

There are so many reasons to make a career out of Information Technology.

Just the simple fact that IT skills can last your entire life is an easy one!

Again, the dollar signs you keep picturing won’t just be in your dreams, but in your pay check as most Information Technology Experts have good Salary Stats.

If that’s not enough, here are a few more reasons why you should make a career out of Information Technology and sleep better – knowing you made the right decision.


#1. IT Beat the Weak Economy

While other professions are faced with cut-backs and lay-offs due to a weak economy, the IT job market has continues to remain strong and stable.

The Cybercities 2008 report by The American Electronics Association (AeA) shows that the IT field is booming with growth and creating even more lucrative jobs RIGHT NOW.

Since technology is always progressing at such a rapid rate, companies will continue to increase and “update” staffs that can support their growth initiatives and new technical innovations.


#2. Information Technology Progression Even In Recession

Regardless of what shape the economy is in, more and more industries are implementing the use of computer systems to maintain, organize and store company data in an effective and efficient manner.

Therefore the need for skilled IT professionals is increasing.

Service industries such as Healthcare, Education, Telecommunications, Security, Insurance and many more all have an IT Department that requires hiring IT professionals.

Thus, with so many options, be sure to educate yourself to find your perfect fit in the ever-evolving IT world!


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#3. Information Technology is Charting the Right Path

You can be sure that whatever path you take to the IT highway, you’ll never come to a dead end.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that unemployment in the Information Technology industry is at a record low.

And the demand for IT professionals is expected to remain strong until at least 2014 and beyond.

Whether you’re starting fresh or have been forced out of another career, now is the best time to choose the IT industry as the vibrant answer to your future career.


#4. Information Technology is Job Security!

An IT career means job security!

Unlike so many industries today, a combination of projected growth over the next decade and a shortage of IT professionals will provide a strong and secure future for those entering the field today.

With the dot com bubble burst in 2000, many mistakenly shied away from Information Technology and therefore not enough people entered the industry.

But with the shift from a manufacturing to a service-oriented economy, companies continue to increase their demands for IT professionals.

And, of course, technology never, ever slows down, so neither will that demand.


Information Technology


#5. Information Technology is the Force of Our Future

As the demand for the IT professional increases, the job market continues to grow.

Currently, the Information Technology Industry shows growth projections for occupations such as Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts at a growth rate of 53% up to the year 2016.

Hence, the IT world is nothing short of exciting.

It is the driving force of our world today and Information Technology is constantly changing.

Unlike most other careers, the forecast for the future is bright – since IT is our future!


According to research, the following IT skills will still be in strong demand in the coming year:



Top Information Technology Career Paths to Consider


Microsoft .NET Development

The demands for individuals who are proficient in Microsoft .NET Framework will continue to grow as more and more companies invest in the web.

With this skill, you’ll have the ammunition to ask for a ten percent-higher salary than those who don’t have a shot.

Among those occupations that require expertise in .NET are Web Developer and Software Engineer.


Website Designs and Development

For more than a decade, one of the fastest growing categories within the IT industry is Website Design and Development.

Businesses want a savvy and convenient way to brand their company, sell their products and services, and generate more cash-flow.

The talent of designing websites is essential in jobs such as Graphic Designers, Web Developer, Website Editors, Website Directors and Creative Directors.


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Windows Support

Windows support knowledge is the most in-demand technical talent in IT departments today.

To become anything from a Computer Technician to a Desktop Support Analyst to a Help Desk Manager, you need the ability to install, configure, manage and maintain Windows servers.

And just for that knowledge, you could be awarded ten percent more than other IT Professionals who lack this skill.


Network Administration

Network administration expertise is also in demand and Cisco™ networking experience is the magic words.

You could make an average of twelve percent more magically appear on your paycheck as a Network Engineer, Systems Administrator or Telecommunications Manager, for example.

If maintaining and troubleshooting Cisco switches and routers suits you, get the skills you need to pay the bills.


Database Management

These days, it is invaluably important for companies to keep their data well organized and secure.

Therefore, companies need Business Intelligence Analysts, Data Architects and Database Managers who can help them get the jobs done right.

Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle database proficiencies could mean at least a ten percent higher salary than the rest.


Wrapping up

As you can see from these few examples, Information Technology has such a vast offering of occupations and therefore a successful job search requires a substantial investment of time, energy and creativity.

A career in the IT industry offers a vast variety of lucrative jobs, in six different categories, from repairing PCs to designing websites to building databases and providing security for information systems.

Salaries are determined by the number of years experience as well as by education or credentials.

To make the most of everything, do your research to find which categories interest you the most and weigh all your career options.

Gain the skills and credentials needed to excel in the Information Technology industry!

Connect with Abbakin IT Training Advisors for FREE information on our award winning self-study courses, and Instructor-led IT Boot Camps.

Then, prepare your cover letters and resume carefully, brush up on your interview skills and don’t forget about networking.



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