Intervast Technologies and Trade Distribution

Intervast Technologies and Trade Distribution

Intervast Technologies and Trade Distribution

Intervast Technologies and Trade Distribution is committed to building trusted business partnerships by providing the necessary tools and perfect systems to enhance your capabilities and expand your business today, and in the future.


About Intervast Technologies and Trade Distribution

Intervast Technologies and trade Distribution, is one of the largest wholesalers distributors in Africa.

Intervast Technologies and Trade Distribution works with manufacturers worldwide to expand their presence in African markets with forward thinking retailers, distributors and wholesalers to offer compelling import product lines.

With our technologies and single-minded goal we translate our deep knowledge of international markets, product supply and local consumer demand into new opportunities for our vendors and retail partners.

Based in Lagos Nigeria the trade base of Africa our full-service team of sales, marketing, logistics and financial professionals, many of them natives of the markets we serve, provides single point management of the export and import process.

Including: New trade and marketing technologies and trade Distribution Strategic new market expansion, Retailer relationships, Supply chain management, and third-country shipments.

You can import good products and general merchandise procurement and supply chain with quality control and regulatory compliance.

  • Kevin Walker
  • Sophie Aprobar
  • Michelle Ryder
  • Adam Kant

Our relationships with fast-moving goods manufacturers allow Intervast Technologies and Trade Distribution to offer a strong portfolio of leading brands to meet customer demand.


International Business, Simplified

At Intervast Technologies and trade Distribution, our goal is make it easy for you to tap into the growing demand of African market.

We offer supply chains solutions from market, sourcing to final delivery to meet trade requirements. Intervast Technologies, a leading African wholesaler, we are a stable and trusted partner to worldwide business.


Integrated Supply Chain Mangement
Intervast Technologies and trade Distribution Makes it easy for International manufacturers to get their products into African markets without much stress, rule African markets.

We do the job for you. we ensure smooth operations designed to provide the level of visibility you need to have confidence.


International Compliance and Global Risk Management

Our experience with international fulfillment ensures that your shipments run as efficiently
as possible.

Deep knowledge of international customs documentation and regulatory compliance avoid unnecessary delays in destination ports.

By entrusting your product supply to Intervast Technologies and Trade Distribution, you gain greater control over and a higher level of visibility into your supply chain at every step along the way.


Contact Information

Tel:  07036531533





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