JF Rabbits: Commercial Rabbitry Run By Experienced Breeders

JF Rabbits: Commercial Rabbitry Run By Experienced Breeders

JF Rabbits is a commercial rabbitry run by experienced breeders and farmers. We provide quality breeding stock. Our pride and joy comes from the Thomper line, specifically developed for the commercial meat rabbit industry.

They were obtained directly from the North and are selected stock obtained through selective breeding. This maternal line is well adopted under hot and humid conditions.


About JF Rabbits

JF Rabbits has been into rabbit farming in Nigeria for as many as six years and has been assisting newbies start rabbit farming in Nigeria. We have recorded success and breakthrough in over 60 communities across Nigeria.

Here at JF Rabbits we breed for good size, excellent mothering traits, large litters and overall great stock. Selective breeding is the standard and continually improving stock is important. Because of this, we offer the best New Zealands available.



  • Quality breeding stock for rabbit farmers in Nigeria
  • Local and imported design and construction of rabbit hutches
  • Rabbit by products for Nigerian farmers
  • Science laboratory rabbits for Nigerian schools and higher institution of learning.
  • Dressed rabbit meat for Nigerian families, restaurants and hotels.


Contact Information

JF Rabbits

Website:  www.jfrabbits.blogspot.com.ng

Telephone: 08142438093, 08179914164

Contact Person:  Alfred


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