Online Business Startup

Top 10 Online Payment Platforms in Nigeria

In an online store, a payment platform is a checkout portal that is used to enter credit card information and credentials for services. So it is very important to know about various Online Payment Platforms in Nigeria. It is obvious that we are now in the digital age so you should expect more of your customers to pay you through digital platforms. According to statistics, 84% of consumers love to pay through credit card. And this is because it is...

How to Start up an Online Shopping Store

The internet has taken over the world. These days, almost everything can be found online. The internet has simplified all aspects of life by which online shopping is one of the areas that has made it convenient in purchasing what you want. In a world where many seem to value saving time and money, recently shoppers have started to do most of their buying online rather than going to physical locations (like boutique and stores) to get them. So,...

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