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Why Read Every Day

12 Reasons Why You Should Read Every Day | Abbakin


12 Reasons Why You Should Read Every Day


If you want to change your life, be actually intelligent and smart, improve your personal growth and make better decisions – regarding health, wealth, relationships, career, productivity and other areas of life, then you should constantly upgrade yourself.

And one way to achieve this is by reading every day, and of course applying the knowledge you’ve gained.

Reading is the number one thing that changes people’s life to the better. Most successful people are readers.

You have learned something new when you do things differently.

However, with all the distractions nowadays, it’s usually hard for people to find the time to read. But reading is something you can really commit to, even if it means reading a page of a book in a day.

Simply start with a topic that interests you the most, and soon you will become fond of reading. Below are key benefits that will get you motivated to read the more.


12 Reasons Why You Should Read Every Day


#1. To Exercise for Your Brain

Reading is a form of mental exercise. And this is the number one reason why you should read regularly.

As you move our body every day, there is also the need to move your brain along. Regular reading doesn’t only mean fresh updates for your brain; it also means regular brain maintenance.

Irrespective of your age, you have to take care of your body and your mind.

Research has shown that reading improves your memory and greatly decreases the chance for cognitive diseases like Alzheimer. It also helps slow down your cognitive decline with age.


#2. It’s Fun and Relaxing

Reading is fun and there are lots of lessons to learn and share with everyone.

When you lose yourself in a book, you can simply forget all the daily worries and enter the creative world of imagination, creation and progress.

Reading just before sleep can also help you to enter the sleep state faster and reduce negative thinking and troubling emotions.

If you feel lonely and need some company, book characters are always good to hang out with.


You’re never alone when you’re reading a book.

– Susan Wiggs


 #3. It Stimulates your Imagination and Ideas

If you need more ideas regarding any subject in life, the first thing to do is to read as much as possible on the topic.

When you read a critical amount of views and topics, new ideas will start to pop up naturally.

As you read, you can imagine a situation, recall and memorize many things in many different ways.

Your imagination is unlimited and this can lead to more creativity, innovation and ideas.

Your analytical skills can also be improved when you read every day.


#4. Better Communication Skills

Outstanding communication skills are one of the most important skills in life and in career.

Being a good communicator helps you build strong relationships, express your thoughts and develop your verbal abilities.

Also, reading exposes you to a much greater vocabulary than watching TV or talking with other people.

So, knowing more words means that you can better express yourself and better describe different situations in life.


#5. Make More Money

An important part of communication skills are writing skills.

Everyone writes today: starting in the forms of emails, social media, slides for public presentations, professional writing, blogging, et al.

We are in the knowledge society where it’s difficult to escape from writing. By reading every day, your writing skills will improve.

And if you ever want to be a professional writer, reading is even more important.

By being more educated, a better communicator and having better analytical and creative skills, you gain the ability to earn more money as a writer or blogger.


#6. Way to Developing Empathy

Everybody has their own life story and individual experience of the World.

There are lots combinations of gender, culture, beliefs, religious and political backgrounds, and so on.

By reading artistic literatures, novels, stories, etc, you can see into the minds of other people and better understand different ways life can be experienced.

Therefore by having more knowledge, you can develop empathy: which is the feeling (ability) that you understand and share another person’s experiences and emotions.

Being empathetic is one of the most important social skills you may likely need.


#7. It’s a form of Shaping Personality

Reading can influence you to such a degree that it helps shape your personality.

Personality is not something you’re born with. But reading is one of the method through which you could get to know yourself better and work on your personality traits.

If you reflect on experiences of other people, you can analyze which ideas you like and which ones you dislike. So reading a lot can be a way to learn a great deal about yourself.


#8. Inspiration and Mentorship

Books, especially biographies of others, can be a great deal of inspiration.

Learning about events, places, struggles or facts describing the successful life of other people can influence your thinking style, choice of words, your actions and can be a great source of inspiration for you to achieve your personal or organizational goals.

If you love to read, you’re doing a great thing for your kids also – because there’s a much greater chance that your kids will also love to read and succeed in the future.


#9. Increased Concentration Abilities and Focus

Reading requires concentration.

When you read every day, it’s a great way to work on your ability to concentrate as you spends your day doing so many things.

A good article might focus all your attention and allow you to forget your troubles for a moment.

Concentration and focus increase you productivity. So, the higher your power to concentrate, the better the mind position you’re in.

With concentration and focus, you can easily complete demanding tasks, work for more hours, and easily set priorities in life.


#10. Helps Relationships Building

The easiest way to connect with other people is through common interests.

A book or an article in the form of research findings is a great common interest for starting a new friendship.

You have hundreds of pages to discuss as it enables you to examine your emotion and behaviors, and make you more open to new opinions.

All you have to do is to reach out to people after reading though group discussions.

Going to the libraries, joining book clubs or online community can also give you the opportunity to connect with people all over the world and share your interest and ideas with new friends.


#11. It Improves Your Social Life

Books or magazines you read can equip you with subjects for discuss when meeting people.

By having a better imagination, outstanding communication skills, knowing how to express yourself and understanding different topics; you become an interesting person.

A reader can always find a topic to talk about and always have something smart to say.

Reading will also develop your listening skills because you can better understand the other person (empathy) and become aware that you don’t have to learn only on your own.


#12. Increase Personal Growth and Knowledge

Reading is a key way to learning new ideas and getting new information that may turn your life around.

Being well-read will also make you more confident and totally independent.

Reading different topics and concepts would definitely make you more educated, open-minded, self-aware, inspired and full of ideas.

Developing communication skills and expanding your vocabulary, improving your critical and analytical thinking – all develop your administrative and managerial decision making abilities.

Therefore you are likely to be a better business manager when you read every day.


Final Words

People improve their technical and intellectual capacity by learning new things: reading, listening to lectures, talking to people, observing different situations, reflecting and other similar situations.

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