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Reasons Why Nigerian Businesses Fail

10 Reasons Why Nigerian Businesses Fail

Why do small businesses fail in Nigeria? This post will bring to the limelight the key reasons why Nigerian businesses fail. Sometimes, a failing business may be in such a way that the entrepreneur founder is unaware of its happening until it is often too late. Without doubt, you should know that lack of good management system in a firm’s structure has many negative ways of affecting the success fortuity of most businesses. The leading causes of business failure in Nigeria [...]


7 Tips For Achieving Success In Your Business

If you’re trying to start your business or personal life, here are some of the best tips for achieving success in your business to get you up and running. You will succeed in your business if you have a positive attitude, believe in yourself, build positive habits, make wise decision, set and achieve SMART goals, use your imagination and persist in your journey despite the huddles. Business success is not just about making money. It is about finding true value within oneself, your industry and being [...]

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