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10 Problems Facing Ecommerce Business in Nigeria

As digital technology and ecommerce platforms continue to grow rapidly in many countries of the word, here are major challenges or problems facing e-commerce business in Nigeria. A lot of people argue that e-commerce platforms, for example, Jumia and Konga have [...]


7 Key Factors That Make an Exceptional Advertising Piece (Ad)

This article emphasis on the key factors that make an exceptional advertising piece. By using beautiful displays of artistic expression and by making the ads memorable and actionable. As the business owner or developer, having the freedom to create an [...]

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10 Growth Hacking Strategies That Get Your Business on Top of the Industry

This growth hacking strategies that get your business on top of the industry emphasis why entrepreneurs, marketers and startup founders must think differently if their businesses are to succeed. The types of marketing strategies used to get customer attention may [...]

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