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When Choosing E-commerce Platform

Things to Consider When Choosing E-commerce Platform

These tips will help you make an informed decision about key things to consider when choosing e-commerce platform for your business. E-commerce websites have been evolving for quite some years, at least 10 decades to be precise. Today, people shop from the comfort of their homes or offices and add items to their shopping carts in no time. When it comes to internet sales, E-commerce websites have increased in leaps and bounds in the last couple of years and the [...]

Best SEO Hacks for Your Fashion Brand

5 Best SEO Hacks for Your Fashion Brand

If you have a fashion store online, you will need SEO and quality content. Here are 5 best SEO hacks for your fashion brand. There is no doubt about the same. That is the foolproof way to rank high in the SERPs and maintain the position for days to come. When it comes to SEO for a fashion website, you need to follow some special features and traits, unlike other generic business websites. If you are new to the business, you need to make your [...]

Realities Shaping Online Business

3 New Realities Shaping Online Business

This guide will help you to know about the latest online shopping trends and new realities shaping the online business landscape today for a better tomorrow. E-commerce or online business is one of the most significant segments that has been experiencing a lot of changes recently. Modern online business is not for today but is essentially for tomorrow and beyond. With so many changes, you as an online business site owner may be naturally worried and apprehensive about the future of ecommerce. However, there is [...]

Cash on Delivery to Online Payment

Why E-commerce Business is Thriving in Nigeria

The growing use for mobile data as well as increased internet network coverage has increased the potential of Nigeria’s e-commerce market and the thus the key reasons why eCommerce business is thriving in Nigeria. The impact of the e-commerce market is improving trade activity as it provides a cost-effective method of connecting producers, and merchants directly to customers in a faster way that increase their business visibility. The industry has welcomed several industry players and investors over the past decade. These [...]

DealDey and Gloo Online Stores Shutting Down in Nigeria

Is DealDey and Gloo Online Stores Shutting Down?

As another leading e-commerce platform in Nigeria will beclosing shop barely a month after DealDey shut down, industry insidershighlight major constraints before the sector with logistics topping the list. As at the time of writing this report, the Deal Day online store (https://www.dealdey.com/) is currently empty with no products currently listed. Gloo will be shutting down next month after seven years of operation, according to its founder, Olumide Olusanya. Olusanyacited the 2016 recession and its impact on Nigeria’s economy as one of [...]


10 Problems Facing Ecommerce Business in Nigeria

As digital technology and ecommerce platforms continue to grow rapidly in many countries of the word, here are major challenges or problems facing e-commerce business in Nigeria. A lot of people argue that e-commerce platforms, for example, Jumia and Konga have succeeded and made a lot of money. But despite the popularity of these ecommerce websites, things are not actually working that well with online shopping businesses in Nigeria.  According to TechInAfrica, below is the list of problems facing e-commerce business in [...]

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