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Factors Affecting the Nigerian Business Entrepreneurs

Factors Affecting The Nigerian Business Entrepreneurs

This article takes a look at the key factors affecting the Nigerian business entrepreneurs or the Micro, Small and Medium size Enterprises, (MSMEs) receptively. Entrepreneurship space is currently experiencing rapid grow in Nigeria, perhaps due to the high unemployment rate which climbed to a six-year high of 18.8% in the third quarter of 2018, – according to the most recent data provided by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). But only 20 percent of these businesses survive the first few years of their establishments. As an [...]

Business Organizational Structure

Understanding Business Organizational Structure | Abbakin

Understanding business organizational structure will indeed help your company grows in the right direction. Of course, a successful business will startup with a well thought out business structure that will be useful in the future. This course will show you the best options to choose the right business structure for your new or existing business.   Introductions  When you have decided which business is right for you, you will have three important decisions to make: how to develop a business plan for your business, how [...]

Types of Business Organizations

6 Types of Business Organizations Entrepreneurs Must Consider

Failure to understand the different types of business organizations out there might make starting and growing a business seems like a daunting task. Of course, choosing the best business structure will greatly affect the way you run your business and will ultimately affects your business success and growth. This is because; some business structures work best for specific business types and at different locations. You Need to Consider Everything From: capital investment, administrative control, risk of liability, taxation, and the ability to grow in the business. The [...]