Top 20 Most Visited Nigerian Websites in 2017

Top 20 Most Visited Nigerian Websites in 2017

Top 20 Most Visited Nigerian Websites in 2017

With more and more Nigerians hanging out on the internet today, it is definitely important it to know where they are visiting and what they are looking for.

This post is taking a look at the top 20 most visited Nigerian websites in 2017.

It reveals a huge opportunity for digital marketers and online advertisers who are looking for the most visited websites in Nigeria to place their business or company adverts.

Most of these sites have huge daily traffics or web visitors, which can be of great economical benefits to the host as well as online advertisers.

Our major sources of information come from Similar Web and Alexa Web Service. But we decided to focus our findings on Alexa. This is because Alexa is the world most recommended source for well detailed web analysis.

For your information, Alexa Internet Inc, is a California-based company that provides commercial web traffic data and analytics. Founded as an independent company in 1996, Alexa is currently a subsidiary of

Alexa web service provides useful websites insights, ordered by Alexa Traffic Rank. So using this information can help developers understand traffic rankings from the largest to the smallest sites of focus.

The information contained in this post includes the number of page links each sites received, the average page views per user, and the percentage of internet users visiting each site.

Below is a list of top 20 most visited Nigerian websites in 2017.  We will also, in addition give you the list of most visited foreign websites by Nigeria.  So let’s get started.


Top 20 Most Visited Nigerian Websites in 2017


Website Name Nigeria  Rank AlexaNG Rank Daily Pg. View Total Links 1 6 3.47 21,332 2 7 5.85 6,352 3 8 7.46 3,737 4 9 2.56 14,070 5 10 3.76 1,151 6 11 4.84 140 7 13 4.64 5,535 8 14 3.15 6,280 9 20 6.76 519 10 22 1.47 18,426 11 23 4.79 14,691 12 24 7.19 186 13 25 1.89 4,387 14 26 5.36 542 15 27 5.30 1,703 16 28 2.43 3,200 17 31 3.31 8,515 18 36 5.86 581 29 38 2.48 1,340 20 42 2.26 4,343 21 47 3.00 127 22 48 2.44 183


From the above analysis:

The top ranking indigenous sites in Nigeria includes which is #1. provides news coverage, a lot more about entertainment, weather reports, jokes, job, games and events.

The 2nd position is, which is the number one football betting platform for the Nigerian football fans. has no doubt taken over the sport betting industry in Nigeria.

The 3rd position is, the number one Nigerian online community; covering dozens of topics including romance, technology, careers, business, and entertainment.

The 4th and 5th positions of the top 20 most visited Nigerian websites in 2017 are respectively occupy by Vanguard Newspapers and Jumia Online Shopping Store.

MMM Nigeria yet occupy positions for further economic discuss; while Linda Ikeji Blog is maintaining #7, otherwise the first blogging and celebrity gist website in Nigeria.

Guaranty Trust Bank, GTBank is the number one youth oriented bank in Nigeria, offering online and offline financial services across different platforms.


Points To Note:

As a blogger, news agency, small business or company in any competitive market, you have to be on page #1 for something!

If your business or company is seeking to gain visibility in today’s Nigerian market, a lot of effort is required to rank higher on Google search result pages when people are looking for your services or products online.

You need to also understand the current acceptable online marking practices to achieve more. For example, most of these top ranking Nigerian websites are giving their users the opportunity to interact, and they are mobile friendly sites.

As a developer, Abbakin will continue by creating quality content which is readily available online, increasing our user engagement and conversion rates over time.


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