When Recession Hit My Rabbit Farm – By Alfred Joshua

When Recession Hit My Rabbit Farm

When Recession Hit My Rabbit Farm – By Alfred Joshua

When Recession Hit My Rabbit Farm – By Alfred Joshua, Founder and owner of JF Rabbits. On the evening of Aug 31, 2016 I was at a local restaurant near my apartment.

A plate of pepper soup has just been placed in front of me when the voice from a television set announced that Nigeria was in a recession.

“Chai!” the men who had their eyes glued to the television chorused. Curses followed and the restaurant became noisy.

The sales girl returned to my table with a bottle of malt “Oga! Maltina is N250 O!” she said to me bluntly with no apology.

I asked why a bottle I have been buying for N200 suddenly became N250. “Oga you no de watch news?” was her reply. It’s the recession I guess.

I like many others had foreseen this.

Our schools have been spewing out millions of unskilled graduates, dumping them in the labour market to compete.

Having been through schools where their minds are so abused, they end with very low self-esteem, having little or no confidence in themselves and their abilities.

These graduates in fact abhor creativity and productivity, they want instant gratification.

Very few, I mean very little few are willing to put the time and effort to build a new business, be innovative or to CREATE something of value that others will be willing to pay for.

Their minds have been configured to be better job seekers and better government blamers.

Some of us took precautionary measures others did not. I for one did all I could, but when the recession came it felt like a final punch from Mike Tyson landing on my handsome face.

Once upon a time, my rabbit farm had 700 breeding does, 3120 weaners and a hundred bucks.

I was always smiling to the bank – not to spend, but to save in my fat bank account which soon depleted during the recession.

Starting a rabbit farming business does not need much money like every other business do, rather it requires that the entrepreneur have a knowledge about animal husbandry.


About the Author

When Recession Hit My Rabbit Farm

Alfred Joshua


Alfred Joshua is the founder and owner of JF Rabbits, a commercial rabbitry run by experienced breeders and farmers. The business provides quality breeding stock.

JF Rabbits has been into rabbit farming in Nigeria for as many as six years and has been assisting newbies start rabbit farming in Nigeria. We have recorded success and breakthrough in over 60 communities across Nigeria.





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