Branding & Design Company in Lagos Nigeria.

Let us build a powerful brand that your customers will love and resonate with. A successful brand identity creates a superior experience, customer relationship and can boost your marketing efforts. As a leading branding and design company in Lagos Nigeria, we help new and existing businesses build outstanding brand equity that distinguish them from the competitions.

Corporate Branding is everything if a business wants to increase sales and brand awareness in today’s market environment. It comes first, before marketing. Branding is a deliberate effort that begins with a well-designed brand strategy. Branding has the power to create the first impression about what your business stands for, and about the values it offers.

We will give your brand a voice and image by creating unique brand messaging, company profile, and sales briefing, company logo, website, email signature, blog posts, press releases, and other digital contents. We design and print brand marketing collateral; such as, product guide or catalogs, magazines, business cards, branded t-shirts, stationary items, and advertising assets that communicate to customers at different touch points.

Branding & Design Company in Lagos Nigeria

How We Do Branding Services for Business

Effective Brand Development Approach

#1. We Develop Brand Strategy

We understand why you stay in business: to achieve brand purpose and profits, right? We will develop your brand positioning strategy by conducting a niche specific market research, discovering your industry trends, your competitors’ keywords; and information about your audience and their needs.

#2. We Build Brand Identity

Building a profitable brand identity starts with exploring the whole concept of brand elements for your business. Here, we choose the best brand name, iconic logo design, website template, compelling image graphics, colors scheme, fonts, signs and other brand emotions suitable for your brand development.

#3. We Create Brand Logo Design

Your customers would see your business logo first; just as they go on their buyers’ journey. It will be on your website, product packages, business cards and other customer facing materials. We create beautiful logo designs that speaks to customers about your value products, services and organization.

#4. We Design UX Brand Website

How do you sell your brand credibility, products and services to the world? Let us design an interactive website that will accelerate your online marketing effects and brand reputation in a way that customers would perceive your brand as professional. They will contact you and/or visit your shop for orders.

Branding & Design Company in Lagos Nigeria

#5. We Create Your Brand Story

Based on your industry and business objectives, our content developers and digital marketers will create an effective brand story that connect and communicate to your target audience with ease. We will design marketing campaigns, advertising materials and other relevant brand promotional items.

#6. We Secure Your Brand Name

We help you choose and register the right business name, domain name, social media handles, and craft remarkable brand hashtags, and valuable intent keywords. Because we’re involved in the brand-building process, your brand naming should be simple, easily remembered, and recognized to customers.

#7. We Produce Brand Packaging

As a professional graphic design agency in Nigeria specializing in branding, website design and logo design services, we design and print brand packaging materials, company letterheads, business cards, brochures, sales receipts,  signages, display banners, flyers, gift cards, and other advertising materials.

Our Branding Portfolios

Some of Our Branding and Packaging Work