Best Public Relations Agency in Lagos Nigeria

Are you an independent musician, entertainment professional, celebrity, a politician, government agency, company or nonprofit organization? Do you want to create, disseminate and communicate your company’s mission, policies and goals to the general public with effective public relations services? Hire the Best Public Relations Agency in Lagos Nigeria today! Our PR experts will design editorial strategies, engagement models, write news contents, arrange media training, organize media interviews, media events, and leverage the most powerful media platforms for your PR campaigns.

Abbakin is a result oriented Digital Marketing, Media Communication and PR Company in Nigeria, with clients across Africa, USA, UK, Asia and all over the world. We are here to give you the best media coverage, media monitoring, and press conference that will reach out to your target audience, increase your brand awareness, and promote your company products. Our professional PR services are centered on building your company’s public reputation, informing prospective customers, clients, investors, or partners; and maintaining a positive public perception and long-lasting relationship about your organization, its leadership, products, and policy decisions.

Ready to boost your individual or business exposure? Contact us now for free consultation. Our PR activities will help you tell amazing story about your brand or product in the most unique ways to your audience. Let us help you expand your reach, penetrate your industry and get more results to your marketing communication efforts. We know how to create more sales and partnership opportunities for each individuals or organizations that call us. Our aim is to add wings to your company’s vision; and to maintain outstanding public relationship for your company as a whole.

Best Public Relations Agency in Lagos Nigeria

Best Public Relations Agency in Lagos Nigeria

What makes our media services unique and professional? We increase your international business opportunities and improve your cultural education. Working with our bespoke PR company gives you that awesome media experience you wanted. Aside upholding your reputation to its maximum standard, our mission is to bring your company and brands to limelight. We are ever ready to meet your expectations; bringing you utmost satisfactions when you have your jobs in our hands.

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Media Outreach Services & Broadcast.

Do you wish to set up an outreach to boost your brand awareness? Well, our PR agency will bring you the best outreach services that will not only expand your business, but will also build a closer relationship with your audience. We do this by reaching out to best platforms, journalists, influencers, and traditional media outlets to introduce your brand and tell them about your company’s story, its products and services. We let them know about the newest initiatives you are taking, and any changes you are implementing at your company.

This effort is important as it keeps your audience alert on your next move; while providing the media partners with official information about your business activities, giving them a better approach to your brand, product or service. Our PR outreach is focused on promoting (pitching) information about your products and services to journalists, bloggers, though leaders and people with influence in your industry, with the purpose of getting press coverage, brand mentions and extra exposure for your business. As experts in organizing the best outreach service, we make sure to:

  • Offer service and information in a variety of locations, including office visits.
  • Build trust between you and your customers with our most respectful media personalities.
  • Get your words out in a non-stigmatizing manner, yet showcasing your contents and brand values.
  • Develop your story, making it extra relevant for the growth of your company sales and brand image.
  • Define and segment your audience based on age, gender, demographics, geopolitical location, language and tribe.
  • Build your specific media list, media strategy, and campaign objectives for an effective outreach.


Company Reputation Management

Creating a perfect online and offline reputation for your company or business is the greatest asset you and your company can actually possess. Firms with strong company reputation attract better customers. This why we are here, to prove our competence by making your company, organization or firm, stand out amongst the others. We specialize in building, maintaining and recovering your poorly managed reputation. Our media relations managers will effectively influence your company’s stakeholders’ and public perception through favorable contents, strategies and processes.

We will monitor audience perception index and conversation rates; responding fast to any reputation threats and proactively seizing opportunities to boost your company’s publicity, whether online or offline. Our media relations jobs include controlling your company’s internal and external communication process, and also improving how your company policy, product or brand is perceived by others. So, your question would be ‘how do we help your company achieve a perfect online reputation?’ These are just a few of our many strategies:

  • We give positive response to your customers’ feedback about your products or services
  • We immediately respond to reputation threats in a way that produces outstanding results
  • We create a sense of company transparency and good customer relationships
  • We help your company recover its reputation if already lost by gaining customers’ trust
  • We give clear details of your company’s goals to satisfy and attract more customers

Digital PR Services & Journalism.

If your company website is not in the top three organic positions for your product keywords in Google’s search results, then our digital PR services are designed for you. Contact us now to discuss about our exceptional digital PR services, SEO services and creative content marketing and advertising campaigns. We are top rated search engines optimization company in Nigeria that can get you five-star ranking on Google, YouTube, Amazon and other social media sites and global business directories.

Digital public relations service is a sub-service of our content marketing service which is one of our online marketing strategies used to increase your company’s online presence and publicity. Our digital PR agents work with journalists, bloggers, advertisers and influencers in distribution online press releases to gain high-quality back links, social media mentions and website traffic that will ultimately improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our digital PR service impacts your website’s search engine visibility, link build and organic search ranking. Are you interested in digital PR services for your business or brand? Here’s a little highlight of how we use digital PR to revamp your business:

  • We increase search traffic for your company or firm through clever content and website improvements.
  • We increase your sales by re-writing ads and targeting top-level keywords in Google Ads campaigns.
  • We help you earn honest customer reviews on social bookmarking and customer review sites.
  • We respond with comments to communication and news requests from journalists.
  • We reach target customers by advertising your products on popular newspaper and blog websites they read.
  • We focus on getting your business featured with online publications that write about your industry or niche.


Crisis Management & Internal Relations.

Have your company or business ever experienced a sudden significant negative event? Well, if yes, our experienced PR officials are here to help. We know exactly the best way to respond when an incident occurs. Our unique PR strategies and marketing services are devised to create ways to come out of uncertain conditions and also decide on the future course of action. Our PR officials can manage your company’s employee relations, financial investor relations, corporate communications, public affairs, social and operational issues in ways that gives you a chance to counter negative results. Our strategies provide you with new opportunities and insight on increasing your public awareness, team collaboration and brand adaptations.

If your company hasn’t experienced any crisis yet, you might just be considered lucky. Yet, you definitely would not want your company to fall victim of crisis before implementing preventive measures. Our crisis management PR officials will create policy documents and quality management processes that will insulate your company from the consequences of any negative events; allowing you to move past the impact of negative publicity on your business or personality as quickly as possible. Our system plays a significant role in efficiently managing the effects of a crisis and recovering from it. We achieve this by following these few steps:

  • We conduct operational and management review to alert you of early signs of crisis in your company
  • We train and warn your staff and employees about the aftermaths and to take necessary precautions.
  • We inform you and others about the current situation of the company, potential risks, and planned actions.
  • We address crisis scenarios and track serious events in your company that need urgent care.
  • We diffuse situations and provide key resources and tools which may be needed in your company.
  • We identify your company’s safety, health and security threat and mount effective response to it.

Influencer Marketing & Advertising.

Abbakin is a public relationship company for social influencers, digital marketers, advertisers, media personalities and public individuals.  Our PR services also include influencer marketing and influencer arrangements which are designed to give strategic alignment between your brand, its products and market influencers within your target audience. Because social media influencers and product activators carry lots of credibility on social media relations, mass media relations and opening events management, we engage them in our PR strategies by making them become your best and most effective brand ambassadors.

Having influencers agency on your side makes it easier for you to reach a wider audience that is based on your products features and requirements. We arrange for breakfast meetings, negotiate compensations and transmit relevant information about your brand, product or service needed to execute and monitor all influencer campaigns. We choose the right media influencer to break your story, launch your new product, make an announcement, or speak at your ground opening events or industry functions.

Our aim is to:

  • Tap into the best influencer network that connects your brand with the right consumers.
  • Create global reach of fans, followers and customers for your brand at minimal cost.
  • Deliver a positive business contribution for your company with influencer marketing.
  • Use our knowledge, skills and partnerships to establish your brands in your target market.
  • Use mega influencers and celebrities whose popularity has a major impact on their fans.
  • Promote your brand, product or services using top following influencers on social media networks.



Direct Media Relations.

Does your company have a good relationship with its customers, government and the public at large? How well do your customers understand your products or services? Do you know that a proper media relation is a major factor in building brand credibility and authenticity? You can achieve good public relationship by contacting our public relations specialists now! You can gain customers’ loyalty through proper media relation. This is why our PR services are highly recommended for you.

Our top PR frim in Lagos and abroad create the perfect relationship between your organization and the general public, the government institutions, banks, media spokespersons, journalists and media houses. As leading Online Advertising Company in Nigeria based in Lagos, we know how to foster consumer relationship, create product awareness and positive revenue growth for your business. Our ability to relate properly with your target audience is an important technique in building your company’s reputation and growth strategies. Our target is to:

  • Inform the public of your organization’s mission, policies and practices in a positive, consistent and credible manner.
  • Coordinate directly with the people responsible for producing your company’s news and features in the mass media.
  • Help you share your industry leadership knowledge by finding the right speaking events and media channels.
  • Position you as an expert source for journalists and using tools to help customers better understand your products and services.
  • Use your customers’ feedbacks and opinions in writing website content, company blogs and articles that will improve your public recognitions.

Social Media Management.

Undoubtedly, social media is here to stay and it will only evolve further. Our PR service has likewise evolved so that synergy is maintained and companies can maximize huge rewards that can be reaped from our social media services. Considering the rate at which technology is affecting our world today, it would not be out of place to say that your company may never experience global expansion if social media doesn’t play any role in its marketing strategies. With everybody, from 10-years-old to grannies, becoming members of at least two social media networks, it is safe to say that the new way of marketing and publicity is social media marketing.

Let us position your company to engage in social media conversations. Businesses that fail to use social media to manage their reputations and customer inquiries may not only lose followers in the digital world, but also sales amid all the noise. Our social media marketers will create compelling video and image contents, share interesting posts and manage your business across all the most popular social media platforms on a monthly budget. Our PR social media services create a real-time open dialogue between your company and your customers. These include:

  • We create new opportunities and challenges on your brands
  • We connect with your potential customers using our social media content and tools
  • Our social media services allow brands and consumers to engage across a variety of channels in real-time.
  • We help your published content spread faster and reach more customers
  • Our social media service fulfills a more nuanced role by helping with relationship management, identifying brand threats and engaging influencers.


PR Event Planning & Management.

If you are planning to host an event for the launch of your new brand or product in Lagos Nigeria, Abuja FCT or Port Harcourt Nigeria, you can partner with one the Best Public Relations Agencies in Nigeria for your special event coverage and management. Whether you wish to have a little celebration or industry trade show, a proper event management plan is vital for your successful events, and this is what we promise you. Our PR event planning establishes how all the disparate elements of your event will work to result in safe and enjoyable occasion. With our detailed logistics and appealing aesthetics, your event is sure to produce maximum productivity.

Irrespective of your choice of event manager, event anchor, event venue, event rentals or hotel reservations, our organization has included event management to our list of PR services to save you the stress. We have a specialized team who are right at your doorstep to plan and manage your events properly. We implement proper event planning techniques to ensure event success. With our detailed logistics and expert team, your event is sure to produce maximum productivity. Our event courage solely focusses on:

  • Showcasing your company, product or brand to the general public.
  • Promoting your event by encouraging the media to cover/attend your event.
  • Generating awareness and encouraging enrollment thereby increasing attendees.
  • Getting sponsors, MCs DJs, influencers and spokespersons for your event.
  • Publicize your upcoming company event across major social media platforms.
  • Partner with influencers to give your audience a buzz of excitement during your event.


Copywriting & Content Marketing.

Get the best of our copywriting and content development services such as blogs writing and news articles. Whereas other advertisers may present overtly biased information about a product, service, or individual, we attempt to persuade your audience by taking a journalistic, fact-based approach to marketing through press releases, white papers, research studies, and other objective avenues. Our PR industry provides the perfect content development techniques for your personal and corporate needs. We have just the right key elements of marketing to attract an even greater audience and increase your brand’s awareness.

We do websites copy writing and web developments, social media content creation, content editing and proof-reading services. Our creative team design marketing collaterals, banner ads, info-graphic, create white papers, research articles, product descriptions, and many more. We write promotional public relations (PR) content for social media, blogs, websites, email marketing communication messages and execute other marketing purposes. Apart from style, language, tone of voice and other tips, there are practical parameters we have adopted to instantly improve our PR-related content writing.

We promote your content write ups by:

  • Focusing on your content creation goal to boost your audience engagement, leads and revenue growth.
  • Planning and editing your content to promote your brand image, products and services with effective marketing tools.
  • Creating blog posts, articles and scripts for videos and podcasts, as well as social platforms like Twitter, Istagram posts on Reddit.
  • Writing on a range of subjects used for advertising your products or educating your customers on relevant topics about your brand.

International Corporate Communications.

Due to the increasing effects and influences of globalization, it is important that your company engage in international communications. Having a strong international public relations strategy helps you to develop an understanding of other countries and get your brand messages right in all global markets.

Our international PR provides a perspective into how the world is and how it may differ from the way you and your company perceives it. As PR experts, we use our industry knowledge and skills on global communication to convey your brand across international borders.  This deliberate communication strategy will play a vital role in effective public relations. It eliminates distance barrier against your worldwide audiences; thereby keeping you in touch with your international customers.

Some of our tactics include:

  • Gathering intelligence for effective communication management in order to develop stronger international business relationship between you and your international business partners.
  • Understanding your audience to facilitate rapid response to market opportunities.
  • Knowing your competition in the market to access new customers.
  • Developing your messages through flexibility to offer improved client service.
  • Drawing up non-verbal communication techniques to underscore and emphasis verbal or written messages in order for you to determine the best ways to respond to clients.

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