Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Lagos Nigeria

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Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Lagos Nigeria

Looking for data driven social media marketing agency in Lagos Nigeria that understand the benefits of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter? Abbakin is a Lagos-based social media management agency committed to lead generation and effective social media campaign for our clients. As the business owner or marketer, building a social media audience should be an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. Most customers today access business information via their smartphones.

By leveraging best social media tools, social ads, viral video/content creation, content calendar and effective social media marketing plan, we believe that every company can derive sales conversion from social media channels and achieve the most anticipated business goals. Your seasoned social media marketing efforts can help you avoid the risk of losing your online footprints and target market to the competitors. As a creative and digital marketing agency in Nigeria, below is our social media marketing services:

Our Social Media Services Includes:

  • Social Media Marketing Plan

This involves the creation of your social media strategy, implementing and daily management of your social media channels by our professional team who will handle your company’s social media presence. We have the experience to put together a realistic social media plan that will work within your marketing budget and be able to engage with your customers and prospects. We also create strong content marketing calendar to formalize and publish your digital strategy.

  • Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Abbakin offer industry-leading tools and software to track and manage your online presence, public comments and conversation about your company 24×7. This trending research data is also used to refine your sales strategy, as well as monitor customer relations and competitors who may be using any form of disrepute against your brand; including negative publicity, and copyright infringements.

  • Social Customer Responding

We see our company as a digital call-centre, responding on clients’ behalf to questions and requests which come through social media platforms. We assist our clients’ customers with pricing queries, where to purchase their preferred products at your office location or eCommerce shop. We monitor complaints that are directed to our clients and also write social media policies to ensure that complaints and any possible crisis is handled professionally.

  • Social Media Advertising

Social advertising like targeted Facebook ads, content remarketing, PPC, and direct influencer marketing have proved numerous success stories throughout our years of experience working with different customers. We partner with leading Social Media Influencers with 100k+ followers and more, who have helped our clients grow their business online and increase social followers using well designed Instagram or Twitter campaigns. We use new techniques, ethical and non-obtrusive methods not used by other agencies to target prospects.

  • Social Media Management 

We provide a range of social media services covering Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, and community management. We use content marketing to complement digital PR services and media relations, using social media online marketing tools to keep thing up to date.

We are working for large retail customers and individuals, automotive brands, IT firms as well as financial services companies; creating and developing digital campaigns that generate leads, enhance brand awareness and provide measurable ROI.

Contact us now to discuss your project.

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