How to Develop the Best Ecommerce Site for Your Products

Best Ecommerce Site

How to Develop the Best Ecommerce Site for Your Products

Building a first class ecommerce site is not only possible, it’s achievable too!

You need all the help you can get to design the best ecommerce site that will build credibility for your brand and increase products sales.

Of course, if you are doing this on your own, you can make it happen; all you need is dedication, perseverance and the willingness to learn.

So your customers can shop seamlessly on your online store, easily checkout, and then conveniently have their ordered products shipped directly to their doorsteps.

This article can give you the best tips on how to make that dream a reality, building the best ecommerce website for your business.


How to Develop the Best Ecommerce Site for Your Products


#1. Define Your Ecommerce Business Niche

To make sure you understand your industry well, you need to decide the niche your products will service.

This is similar to deciding your target customers, their location, their unique needs and problems your product will solve.

For example:

  • Does your ecommerce business have a vision?
  • What do you want potential customers to think about your business?
  • What products do you indent to offer and how will this meet the customers’ needs
  • What standards do you want customers to associate with your business?
  • How will you describe your online shoppers and the products they may like?


With the answers to these question at the back of your mind you can then go ahead to invest or build an online ecommerce shops for your business.

It’s even better if you’re able to conduct a market research on your industry, plan for the products you want to sell, and find out the best way to reach out to your audience.


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Remember to choose the best seller products and start with fewer samples first.

You can always increase your products categories as the business grows.

Think about your unique products and their benefits by promoting these messages on your store.

For example, a service page to show your brand’s message, or a customer review page to show what customers think of your product; and a return policy to show how you mange returns and cancellations.


#2. Get a good Domain Name and Hosting that suite your ecommerce site

This is pretty straightforward.

Before your ecommerce business can go online, you need a good domain name that will perfectly identify your brand online.

Choose and registering a domain name that is simple, related to you industry and can be SEO friendly.

Using a domain registration sites liked GoDaddy will help you check whether the names you choose are available.

If your domain name is available, you still have to host your site.

Use a web-hosting company that understands the nature of our ecommerce business.

Some hosting company will even offer a free domain name, if you purchase their hosting services.

When thinking of hosting, choose a host company that suits your kind of ecommerce platform.


Your web-hosting company option may include:  


However, we prefer small, local hosting providers since they offer a direct contact immediately if your site has an outage.

A good host should provide maximum uptime, server side caching, fast response time, and server security.

Whether you use a large or small provider, hosting services alongside domain name registration and e-mail accounts integrations should cost you less per month.

This is important to aid your startup cost.


#3. Hire Professional Web Designers to Build your Ecommerce Site

This is a very important component in launching your ecommerce site.

Of course you can’t do it yourself if you have limited capacities in web design technologies.

If you want to launch your ecommerce site in a professional manner, make sure to hire a professional web developer who has the experience.

Normally, your ecommerce website should appeal to your customers, loads faster and be able to display clearly on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Be sure to put your ecommerce business at a competitive advantage by starting with a “mobile first” approach to your customers’ online shopping experience.

Obviously, you may design a full-featured ecommerce website from scratch. Or select from popular ecommerce platform that suites your budget, such as:


Shopify hosts over 325,000 active online ecommerce shops and its focus on social commerce and mobile shopping.

These platforms continue to evolve to meet the growing requirements of online stores.


The Benefits of Shopify are:

  • Over 100 store templates (themes) to choose from
  • 1500+ apps (plugins/extensions) to extend the store’s functionality
  • Ability to connect your online store with your Facebook page and sell directly on Facebook
  • Built in mobile-friendly shopping cart and seller mobile apps
  • Shopify also provides a platform to connect store owners with app developers for the development of their store’s app
  • 24/7 support via live chat, phone and tutorials as well as the Shopify community forum


You can also purchase a theme from ThemeForest and choose a layout that resembles the look and feel you desire for your ecommerce site.

These will indeed increase users’ engagements and critically convert to more sales of your products.


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#4. Get an Internet Merchant Account for Your Ecommerce Site

Your ecommerce site needs online payment gateway that will allow you to accept credit card payments online.

For many small, medium and large scale businesses, accepting payments online offers lots of benefits.

This means that customers can pay for their products conveniently without thinking about direct bank transfers.

Having an easy payment methods integrated to your ecommerce site will improve your marketing transactions significantly.

The best way to do this is to obtain an internet merchant account from your bank which connects with credit card processing firms.

You can find a variety of online payment processing companies in your location or country of business who are offering accounts to online businesses.

An even less expensive way to get started accepting online payments is to use PayPal.

PayPal is an account-based system that lets anyone with an e-mail address securely send and receive online payments using a credit card or bank account.

PayPal is free, but the company charges 2.9 percent for every transaction under $3,000.


Bellow is top online payment processing platforms in Nigeria you can consider:


If you’re not sure what Nigerian payment gateway system you need for your online business, we recommend taking a look at some of them and consulting your banks.

There are also free and paid plugins you can download that let you integrate these payment systems into your ecommerce CMS platform.


Best Ecommerce Site


#5. Remember to Market Your Ecommerce Site

Your ecommerce site needs the entire boost it can get to reach out to your potential customers.

After identifying who your target customers are, you have to reach out to them through aggressive marketing.

There are lots of other promotions you can earn online without paying a dime.

You can use both paid and earned advertising channels to market your products online.

Like search engine discovery via Product-page Search Engine Optimizations, SEO, Email marketing and Social Media Mentions like Tweets, Re- Tweets etc.

Using paid channels like Google Pay Per Click Advertising, PPC, Facebook advertising, Twitter advertising, Instagram advertising, and other social platform where you know to find your potential customers will boost your ecommerce site.


Social commerce is another trend that bloomed throughout the year 2016.


According to a study, 60% of retailers who implemented social commerce said they gained new customers from different social networks.

Professional web design services and social media services go hand in hand if a business is to achieve its online business deliverables.

Email Marketing like SMS Messaging is another cheap and effective way for promoting your ecommerce business, products and websites online.

You can also optimize other opportunities available for you to earn a strong online presence and build a consistent customer base.

For example, a good branding strategy can make your ecommerce site stand out!

Branding your ecommerce site is a powerful marketing, customer retention, and loyalty technique — necessary for any new or established ecommerce business.

If you have the capital, you can also market your ecommerce business though local advertising media like newspapers, popular radio stations, television programs, outdoor advertising and more.

Get a great logo design, banners and flyers done by graphic experts and printing company with branding experience.


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#6. Give Away Freebies on your Ecommerce Site

People love free things, whether it is free gifts, discount on sales, free delivery or a certain percentage cut on goods ordered.

Use discount packages, sales promotions and other freebies will attract more customers to your new ecommerce site.

These can also direct a lot of traffic to your ecommerce website.

The promotions should not look like one that is meant to get customers by force but it should look like a deliberate act to appreciate your customers’ patronage.

Not only does this position your brand as being thankful and recognizing the support of your customers, but it’s a surefire way to get a customer for life.

Sales promotions will drive a lot of traffic to your ecommerce site that will create leads, if you are smart enough, you can convert these leads to sales.


Final Words

Utilize these tips to achieve that best ecommerce site you desire.

You could truly understand the processes and what it takes to launch a first class online store from scratch.

As a digital marketer, Abbakin have helped a lot of brands grow sales through ecommerce site developments.

For free consulting services, just get in touch with us here.


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