Business and Career Development Courses

How do you prosper in a workplace without jobs? Perhaps you want to brush up on the latest computer applications, learn digital marketing skills, creative designing, web programming, brand modeling, or administrative skills. These vital skills can improve your productivity stamina, enhance your employment readiness, and help you achieve more in your personal and business aspirations. Abbakin Digital Academy offers short business and ICT certification training that is designed for today’s technology driven environment.

Our mentoring system of learning, (MSL) involve interactive sessions with qualified instructors, role-plays, and practical assessments designed to help the students develop the required conceptual reasoning, problem solving skills, and project management frameworks in the specific industry. Below is our popular business and career development courses you can start by hiring our corporate staff training service or attending classes at our Leaning Center. Please click the tabs to learn more about each course or Contact us now to discuss the best training package that suits your goals.

Career, Business & IT Academy Courses

Recruiters are demanding qualified information technology (IT) staff to provide the highest standard of services for their customers, shareholders and partners. This course provides entry level IT skills and certificate training for personal computer (PC) appreciation and applications. It includes foundation on different components of the computer; such as System Unit (CPU), motherboard, disc drives, keyboard, printers, computer software, files management, windows & accessories. It is suitable for individuals who want to learn how to use the computer systems to maintain, organize and store business data in an effective and efficient manner. Fee: N20, 000.

This coursework teaches the most advanced computing skills with office suites that a non-technical user needs to get started and become professional with the windows operating systems, internet surfing, emails and files formatting, business graphics, office record keeping and business reporting skills. This training covers the knowledge of data processing using Microsoft word documents (Ms Word), information presentation software (Power-Point), data analysis with spreadsheets and workbooks (MS Excel), help desk techniques, cloud computing (Google Suite) and other skills needed to effectively carryout daily office work like printing, scanning, faxing and photocopying. Fee: N35, 000.

If you are a bit creative and you think this course is right for you, then get ready to become familiar and specialise in System Graphics Tools. This training covers application software such as Paint drawing, Corel graphics suites, Adobe Photoshop, Graphic Designs with Fireworks, Typography and Pagelayout, Graphic Communication, Animation software, etc. You will learn how to conceive a design idea, imagine and create exceptional graphic advertising piece (Ad), company logos, business cards, flyers, multimedia and other infographic materials. Fee: N35, 000.

Web design training is very important for most individuals and entrepreneurs. Most businesses today have websites as their internet channel of products delivery or online shop. This is why start-ups who are computer savvy can write codes for their websites and manage technical concerns. Becoming a professional web developer with the knowledge of HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress Content Management System (CMS) and other web programming languages will boost your Front-end Development skills.  At the end of this web design course, you will learn how create responsive web-pages from scratch,  design beautiful looking corporate websites, and make changes to existing websites. Fee: N45, 000.

Every business needs to have online footprint– one that increase market share, lead generation, sales conversion and target profits. While you can always hire a digital marketing expert to handle things like online business promotions and advertising; it is a good idea to have a deep understanding of what a digital marketing campaign consists of. This course covers basic search engine optimization (SEO) procedures, social media campaign strategies, email marketing techniques, and web analytical tools. It also dives into the creation of digital products and highlights on different ecommerce business models; the best strategies on how to start online business and make passive income. Fee: N45, 000.

If you have a brilliant business idea but not just sure how to turn this into a sound business project, then you will learn everything you need to start, launch and grow a successful business. This course covers the essential steps on how to identify your entrepreneurial potentials, and how to start a business in Nigerian environments; including the challenges and the secrets that will support you in your start-up journey. You will learn how to validate a business idea, develop a quality product for a market, and model a company from scratch; including how to create positioning statements, company policy guidelines, corporate communication, etc. This course will give you the understanding you need to write a good business plan; it includes a business plan template you can tailor for your use. Fee: N30, 000.

Business Management is highly recognized business development training for all managers, department heads and all employees aspiring for growth within and outside an organization or industry. This course focuses on the key principles of business management in terms of planning, organizing, articulating, resource controlling, etc. It includes how to negotiate, delegate, and execute daily business operations properly as planned and deliver within budgets. It underscores your knowledge about choosing a particular business model at the very start and how to structure your business success and growth. This course also includes a business management case example that will prepare candidates as the future managers of their companies. This training will let you learn how to solve administrative problems, following real life situations. Fee: N35, 000.

How do you continue your career development and ensure success in the future with the high unemployment rates, corporate companies going bankrupt, and millions of potential employees desperately searching and competing online for the same jobs as you? This course focuses on new career paths, how you can prepare to meet the future challenges and achieve full life potentials. It covers job readiness skills, career awareness, and personal development in forms of internships, trainee jobs and apprenticeships. It is based on our Youth Empowerment Programme (YEP); designed for fresh graduates who have identified career opportunities in particular fields. Abbakin created this intervention program to promote positive development in our communities, rather than addressing the current unemployment risks in isolation. Fee: N35, 000

Financial Management is a vital task for every company and should always draw the attention of an entrepreneur. Bookkeeping is the act of recording the day-to-day financial transactions of a business concern; and this is a precursor to financial management. This training covers the three important methods to keep a company’s financial activities in line; such as the basic accounting methods of profit and loss statement, liquidity planning (cash-flow management), and the net worth analysis (balance sheet). It includes other accounting measures like profitability ratios, internal rate of return (IRR), etc., that help the management decision making processes. It introduces accounting software like QuickBooks, Sage Accounting; and includes Excel Bookkeeping Template you can tailor for use. Fee: N35, 000.

How do you create the right personnel policy documents, recruit, motivate and secure the cooperation of your employees? It’s true that human element plays a key role in achieving organizational goals. Once the business strategies are designed, it’s up to individual employees to execute them. As the business leader or manager, you can start your journey towards success by investing in developing your own competences or that of other employees. This course will show you how to develop your corporate culture, write your staff handbook, workplace safety manual, and how to build a great team by hiring the most qualified and skilled individuals. This course also includes how to handle and manage personnel related issues as the business grows. Fee: N30, 000.

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