Our Story.

Due to the current economic recession, business managers are constantly under pressure to find creative solutions to new challenges. Abbakin is a place for you to learn and share new ideas with like-minded individuals.

Our Business Forum helps members to dialogue amongst themselves on issues of business interests. Here, you can connect with investors and suppliers of innovative business products from the globe arena.

When you create an account with us for free, you’ll find a number of resources available to you on the platform – including category of products and service benefits, our searchable knowledge base of reference, how-to, and downloadable eBooks.

Who we are.

Abbakin Glova Solution Ltd is a Nigerian modern tech company for business management professionals, young startups and social entrepreneurs who are building global businesses in public private initiatives;
Prioritizing viable business innovation, accountability, employability and subsequent delivery of quality services as its core principles.

Mission statement.

Our mission is to inspire, connect and empower our people to become world class leaders who effortlessly do business across time zones.

How we help.

Professionals at Abbakin can be important advisors in startup and managing decisions; such as business planning checklists, operational excellence, legal and accounting matters, financial growth opportunities, marketing and people base management.

We help you determine the best project models, infrastructures and resources that are right for each individual or company that calls us.

That way, you can feel rest-assured in getting the support team that’s in your best interest.

Leader Board.

Meet Our Team

If you are looking for a reliable partner who can handle your key operations with the passion to deliver results within budgets and without compromise on quality at any stage, then you can trust Abbakin. Our secret is a great management team and panel experts who can think out-of-the-box at building a brand for our clients.

Abbakin puts experience at forefront and only engage trained and qualified individuals in this realm. Think of us as creative associates and solution managers who bring real life experience that will cater to the most complex requirements of your business.


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