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Why Work With Us?

We Hire Character, and Train Skills!

Abbakin is growing and we are in-need to hire people who are technically great at what they do. We hire character and train skills! But integrity, honesty, reliability and the desire to learn can never be taught. While we agree that our business development has to be continuous, hiring and training of client service staffs and inbound marketing professionals is also consistent.

Because Abbakin provides operational, consulting and outsourcing services as opposed to products; our advantages are only as strong as our customer services. What makes Abbakin the ideal place for dedicated and passionate individuals is that our people are problem solvers; and we grow much more by offering smart ideas, supporting and building creative solutions that pioneer the success of the business.

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Our Work Ethics.

Aside ensuring our team responds fast, saves costs, and provides professional services; our customers and employees are also treated in friendly and respectful manners. Every team tries its best to meet diverse clients’ requirements, communicate effectively and achieve customer satisfaction based on proactive approach which makes the most challenging and complicated tasks simple.

By becoming part of our Project Team, you too could become a superstar – regardless of your location, gender or educational background. Abbakin provides a flexible workplace for getting things done, adopting working strategies such as daily business functions at our office location, timely work from home (freelancing facility); interns and volunteering services. To suit the Company’s set objectives however; your engagement structure could be on a full-time or part-time base.

Abbakin follows a merit-based recruiting process and does not accept any fee from job seekers at any time during the process. We make a conscious effort to hire staffs who reflects the population that we serve. Open positions are regularly advertised in the following categories: ICT; Business development and career training; Front desk personnel services; Sales and internet marketing services; Graphic designs and web programming; Branding and media relationship management; other Professional services, like legal, accounting, technical support; and industry-specific disciplines.


How to Apply.

For any available vacancies, candidate can download our online application form; fill and mail the completed form to the email address specified in the form. But before submitting any application, please ensure you fill all parts and mention the job title or training in the subject line. Should there be any position that bests your status, be rest assured that we would get back to you latest in 6-weeks period.

The second phase would be our interviewing process where we get to know more about who you are, what make you tick and what you would bring to the dynamic workforce we are creating. Abbakin will test skills and commitments before hiring giants who will rise to the challenges that reward ambition. To see you making a difference and achieving excellence, all of these processes are essential to us, and we trust it would be a win-win experience for all that are involved.

Abbakin recognize best efforts; give you the perfect space to learn, grow a career and exercise your expertise. We will continue to expand our national, regional and international networks, and we are particularly keen to hear from you, wherever you may be. If you have any question regarding our Online Recruitment Processes, kindly get in touch with us here.


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