Copywriting Agency in Nigeria

Hiring a professional copywriting agency in Nigeria is a sure way to create an effective copy that will tell your story, sell your product or service and convince prospects to take actions to call you, visit your office or website, and ultimately taste or buy your products. Copywriting is an art and this is not for everybody. According to an old saying; “Writers are born, not made”; but at Abbakin, we believe that successful copywriters are those who chose to be good at it.

Writing is a skill one gets out of experience with words, social and business nous to be able to reach out to different people, affect their emotions and inform their decisions – anytime anywhere in the customer’s buying journey. If you are looking for the best creative minds with ideas and experience to conceptualize, write and edit your contents successfully, then we’ve got the team to handle your creative works.

Abbakin is a digital marketing and copywriting agency in Nigeria with a deep understanding of the local market. We are good storytellers, creative designers and marketers who deliver brand promise to your target customers and clients – thus achieving brilliant results in advertising and publishing without any compromise on quality at any stage.

In many ways, it’s like hiring one of our specialized salesperson to create compelling and relevant work that will reach out and impress your customers wherever and whenever they can be found; and be able to promote your goods and services in the best possible ways better than your competition. In other words, we know how, where, and when to reach your audience and speak in the language they understand.

Our Copywriting Services:

We work with content developers, advertising companies, small business owners and established firms across different industries and marketing niches. And handle various branches of copywriting activities, such as brand story, brochure copy, website copy, blog copy, article writing, sales copy, SEO copy, advertorial content, report writing, presentations, newsletters, product descriptions, product pitches, press releases, marketing communication, printed ads, radio/ TV ads, jingles, billboards advertising, ghostwriting, freelance writing, eBook publishing, book reviews, proofreading, etc.

With our in-house marketing strategy, our team can carry out marketing research, campaign management, content marketing, and competitors’ analysis in your industry to discover what is new and find out  why your target audience buys Product-A or product-B; including how much they are ready to pay and when best to reach them – so as to achieve your advertising objectives and readership.

By outsourcing y our copywriting jobs to the best copywriting agency in Nigeria, you would have the time to handle other aspects of your businesses, while we carefully create original copy that convince consumers to switch brand, drive leads and generate sales.

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