Best Graphic Logo Designer in Lagos Nigeria

Best Graphic Logo Designer in Lagos Nigeria

Hire the best graphic logo designer in Lagos Nigeria, branding and printing company that create all kind of company logos, business cards and advertising materials that make your brand stand out among competitions!


Abbakin is a professional logo design company in Nigeria with a team of graphic designers working with clients across the global.

We believe in creativity, uniqueness and innovative logo ideas. And we understand that branding, value positioning and digital marketing are the most important aspects to growing your business in today’s economy.

No doubts, creating an outstanding logo for a business has become an essential part of every company’s brand identity, and overall marketing strategy.

All over the world, logos have being used by most business enterprises, organizations, and even individuals to convey succinct messages and promote instant public recognition.

Your business logo is the first visual representation of everything your company stands for, and this can be used as a way to promote your brand both online and offline.

While brainstorming your business logo ideas, entrepreneurs – even those on tight budgets are asked to hire professional logo design firms who understand the job better.

Below are few reasons to hire qualified graphic designers like Abbakin who specialize in logo making.



Why Hire a Professional Business Logo Designer?

Your logo is the foundation of all your business promotional materials; and this is one area where spending a little money now can really pay off later.

An effective logo design can build brand loyalty between your business and your customers.

And, the world best logo designs are simple, memorable and appropriate — often just a word or a shape.

Therefore, it’s not that easy to create a logo that is true, powerful and useful to the target customers.

This is because creating a great logo demands critical thinking, creative input, and systematic planning with the objective to build up a brand.

A well designed logo is much more than just some color platelets, fancy fonts, and image graphics all put together in a piece.

A well-designed logo should be unique, visually enticing, attractive and delivers its intended message to the audience.

Best company logos should be timeless, lasting at least 10 years; and still be effective in 20+ years time to come, without needing much further redesigns.

And our team of graphic designers also knows whether or not your logo will easily convert customers and transfer into printing and other advertising materials.

What to Expect About Our Logo Design Services

  • Custom unique logo designs for your company
  • A 300 dpi – high resolution PNG, JPG or other source files
  • Expected delivery time is 3 business days
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Unlimited revisions (if you are not satisfied)
  • Tested with best Online Logo Maker Websites



Cost of Our Graphic Logo Designs

Depending on your requirements and the number of logo samples, our logo design rates ranges from N7, 000, N15,000, N20,000 and more above, if you are to get a beautiful, elegant looking corporate logo for your business.

How We Approach Your Logo Designs:

Abbakin is the best graphic logo designer in Lagos Nigeria. We begins our logo design process by having discussions (brainstorming) about your business goals and its service industry. We then help you prioritize these goals into deliverable company culture, belief and values.

Of course, you will be involved in all stages of the logo creation up to the finished pieces. And we keep your customers and the nature of your business in mind when we put it all together.

Once your new logo is lunched, you can now go ahead and use this brand identity everywhere you want:

On your business cards, stationery, letterhead, brochures, promotional gift items, handbills, flyers, posters, banners, roll up banner, feather banner, online advertising materials, your websites and any other place where you mention your company name.

This will indeed build your brand image, raise your company’s visibility and, ultimately lead to more customer conversions and sales.

The source files are often vector based, as this will allow you to reproduce the design into print materials without losing any original quality.

You will receive the recommended logo source files like: PDF, JPEG, AI file (the source file from Adobe Illustrator), and EPS file (vector format allowing fully scaled printing) as the source files.

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