Market Research Company in Lagos Nigeria

Abbakin is one of the leading offline and online market research company in Lagos Nigeria. We offer well defined product positioning and revenue growth market research services for small and medium scale businesses, corporate enterprises, government organizations, institutions, celebrities and multinational companies in diverse industries – who are seeking new entry points to existing marketplace, or review to market segments.

As a full service creative and digital marketing company in Nigeria, our dynamic market research approach is pivoted around the 4ps of marketing; including product, price, promotion, and place. We deliver quantitative, qualitative, as well as objective market research findings that can expand your company’s market share, increase your brand awareness, and widen your distribution channels in Nigerian and across other African countries.

Our dedicated team of project researchers and resource suppliers are equipped with wide product knowledge and skills to provide the necessary industry trends, consumer analysis, audience demographics, competitors report, and latest market insights you need for the creation of effective advertising messages, and product designs. Including the development of marketing plans, and market penetration strategies aim at selling your brand to a targeted audience.

Market Research Company in Lagos Nigeria

If you’re ready to identify new market opportunities and deliver best-in-class products or personalized service experiences to your potential customer. Our marketing research is a six-sigma process. We implement both primary and secondary data collection methods, field investigations, consumer survey, deep online information analysis, and social media research.

We employ key market evaluation materials and research development tools to create a comprehensive and competitive marketing strategy that cater for your specific industry. Be it retail foods or agric-businesses, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), healthcare, hospitality, real estate, ICT, banking, manufacturer or entertainment industry.

Our Market Research Process

Market Research Company in Lagos Nigeria.

1# We Define the Problems

We take into account the purpose of the research project by interacting with your team and discussing the relevant background information and all data necessary to arrive at a decision.

#2. Determine Right Approach

Once the problem has been precisely defined, we design the right approach to take in conducting the research. This includes setting up the research objectives and information sources.

#3. Design Research Blueprint

We formulate the framework for conducting the marketing research project by detailing the procedures necessary to obtain the required information using possible research questions and answers.

#4. We Collect Required Data 

We deploy our manpower who work in the field for personal interviewing, place visitation and surveys. Our staff members also work from the office, using telephone and/or computer-assisted interviewing.

#5. We Analyze Research Data

After collecting data from verified sources, the questionnaires and audience response forms are compiled, edited where necessary and analyzed; following critical reasoning and statistical methodologies.

#6. Reports preparation Stage

Each research concluded project is documented in a written report format; and the major findings computed for easy presentation to client. This results can now be used in the decision making process.



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