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Email Marketing Agency in Nigeria

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective forms of direct communication marketing. Irrespective of your industry, large companies and small businesses can boost their marketing efforts by leveraging the lead acquisition and sales opportunities in email marketing strategies. As one of the best email marketing agency in Nigeria, we can help you drive high revenue impact for your business.

With over 144 billion emails sent each day across the globe, how will a company separate itself from the noise? Let us help you develop an effective email marketing plan and market your products or service to millions of potential buyers. We crafting attention grabbing email headlines, create corporate communication strategy, build your email lists and send bulk emails messages for businesses of all sizes.

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Our Effective Email Marketing Process

Best Email Marketing Agency in Nigeria.

#1. We Define Your Target Audience

As the most important part of your overall digital marketing objectives; before we start writing and sending your email marketing campaigns, first; we carry out a niche specific research to understand who your target audience are; their buying behaviors, locations, and demographics. Having a well-designed audience persona can help you send relevant offers to customers based on their interest.

#2: We Build Subscribers List

To build an email database, a customer would first needs to opt-in before they can receive your emails, open them, and click-through to your landing pages. This email subscription processes focus on choosing the best email marketing platforms, building your email list, and segmenting them based on buying intents. We include sign-up forms across your sales and engagement channels to increase email registration.

 #3. We Create High Quality Content

What will your audience read in your emails? Today customers are informed and are picky on where and what they spend their time on. Customers will reject your brand messages if they aren’t up to their (new quality) standards. As a copywriting agency with experienced story tellers and marketing professionals, we design eye-catching and responsive email templates, write compelling email newsletters, attractive sales copies and valuable blog posts that would interest your audience.

#4. We Optimize Conversion Rates

While creating your contents, we think about the combined influence of imagery, attractive offers, text readability and clear Call-to-Actions that will increase your email marketing engagements and push the most qualified leads down your sales funnels. From our experience, early stage customers prefer industry research or white papers, eBooks; while ready to buy customers would respond more to product reviews, free trial offers and transactional emails.

#5. We Manage Email Marketing Campaigns

As your number one email service provider in Nigeria, we work very hard to make sure your emails are not blocked by major ISPs. We use advance email marketing tools that can control whether or not your emails hit the inbox or the spam-box of your target audience. Our approach provokes interest for subscription, create attention for opening, and track sales conversion actions. Our email marketing team would send the required email messages, do A/B testing, and monitor results.

#6. We Offer Best Email Marketing Services:

We can help you generate the Nigeria email database, setup your accounts with your email management or CMS tools of choice, and integrate lead capturing or signup systems on your Websites. We create personalized email list segmentation, email marketing plan; and generate email signatures for your business. We can automate posts and transactional email messages; integrate Google Analytics, carryout email audits, reviews and performance reporting for you; including content optimizations and other digital marketing services.

Benefits of Email marketing Strategy

Email marketing is a form of business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) digital communication channel that uses electronic mails to send the latest company news or promotional messages to clients or potential customers. Any such emails sent to solicit sales could be considered as email marketing campaign; with the aim of increasing customer relationship and patronage, building loyalty and brand awareness.

Like mobile SMS marketing, an effective email marketing strategy is 4 times more cost-effective than pay per click advertising and social media marketing (Twittter and Facebook combined together). This type of online marketing campaign is also cheaper than traditional advertisements through outdoor signage, radio promotions, news papers publications and TV commercials.

When it comes to making impact in online businesses; there are only two things that matters: (1.) Websites Traffic; (2.) Lead Conversions. And email marketing can increase your customer engagement rates, lead generation, conversion rates and products sales if done well. Here is the formula:  

Email Marketing = Qualified Leads + Engagement = Sales.

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