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Looking for top-performing SEO Company that can help your business reach potential customers on the web? Welcome to, a full-service digital marketing agency in Nigeria that specialized in data-driven Search Engine Optimization Services. We won the AWARD: Best SEO Company in Lagos Nigeria – as credited to Topseos, a foremost internet rating and review firm that has distinguished itself based on meticulous evaluation criteria.

Our internet marketing solutions speak volume for B2B companies and B2C organisations in terms of the unique ways we handle sales promotions, online reputation management, lead generation, content marketing, social media advertisements, and search engine marketing (SEM).

We provide cost effective SEO strategies that ensure your business stands out from its major competitors, get instant quality results, and 100+ million visitors. These are signs of good impression our corporate and enterprise SEO Experts in Nigeria would give your brand to drive both offline and online traffic and boost your company’s overall sales conversations!

We’re a team of creative designers, software developers, data visualization wizards, and agile marketers ready to give you the full technical support and integrated marketing guidelines you need as a real estate company, NGO, or financial institution to displace dozens of other providers out there by achieving higher organic search rankings and excellent online visibility.

Why You Need Effective Search Engine Optimization?

If you are not on top search positions, then your direct competitors will be. The impressive points of having a business are to attract customers and increase profits. Statistics revealed that 85% of internet buyers use the search engines when looking for local businesses. And 90% of these online searchers never go beyond the first and second page of Google search results.

This means that if you are not on the first page of Google top 10 results when people are searching for your kind of products or services; then you stand a little chance of getting sales. Designed to suite your individual budget and corporate needs; our search engine optimization services have 5 main components:

  1. Free organic search engine optimization.
  2. Local search engine optimization.
  3. Paid search engine advertising.
  4. Social media marketing/management.
  5. Rich content creation and retargeting.
Best SEO Company in Lagos Nigeria

We use ultimate SEO tools and implement white hat SEO tactics, carry out long-tail keywords research services and optimize your web pages with industry phrases to suite your specific buyers’ intents. If you’re a startup business, an ecommerce platform, or an established firm seeking for the best ways to market your brand, promote your products or services in the online marketplaces, Contact us today and see why we’re the best fit for your SEO marketing goals.

Why You Should Hire Winner SEO Pro?

We design SEO friendly websites, redesign existing ones and optimize your sites content and applications following the best accepted SEO practices. We create quality content for your business, and build authority backlinks that will rank your products on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other popular search engines around the whole world.

We help you discover new growth opportunities in your niche; close all blind spots, keywords gaps; and rank your websites on top of search engine result pages (SERPs). With our search marketing professionals by your side, you will connect with millions cum billions of online customers who are actively searching the internet for your best products or services.

Most importantly, we provide affordable SEO and PPC Services to Grow Your Business without breaking the Banks! No matter your inbound marketing budgets and resources, the cost of our custom SEO packages are cheaper; and we offer quick measurable results that would generate more leads for your school business, supermarket, hospital, hotel, law firm, and/or local restaurant businesses.

Don’t just take our words for wide claims. Give us a try today! Our 5 years professional SEO experience would bring the most anticipated return on your investment (ROI) and profitability for your business; that is why we’re the #1 Best SEO Company in Lagos Nigeria.

Benefits of Our SEO Services to your Marketing Plan:

  • We drive more targeted online traffic to your sites.
  • Set you on top of Google and other search result pages.
  • Optimize your website and content for search queries.
  • Give your brand a voice and establish your presence online.
  • Sell your products with quality backlinks and conversion rates.
  • Maximize marketing efforts with competitive keyword matrix.
  • Get best page ranking results, money back guarantee, 24×7 support.

As The Best SEO Company in Lagos Nigeria;

 Our Data-Driven SEO Services Includes:

#1. Full On-Page Optimization

Outrank your competitors with unique on-page SEO techniques. We do full on-site and off-site optimization very well. We’re leading Web Development Company that help small businesses, big brands and companies create SEO relevant and responsive website designs from scratch.

We carry out search engine ranking algorithm tests on all the beautiful websites we create for our clients. If you have an existing website that fails this SEO test, you don’t need to worry yourself at all. Our certified SEO team would help you redesign the website, implement the right information architecture and data structure to suit Google own standards.

#2. Quality Content Creation

Discover high-value customers, get more clicks with our top-notch SEO process. We create relevant website contents that would reach out to your ideal buyer communities and communicate to your target audience. We craft very educative, entertaining and informative visual and written content for your business.

Our content development services include writing your brand statements and brand stories, marketing communications, and slogans. We design company logos, create compelling image graphics, explainer videos, infographics and lead magnets to set you up and ready for effective SEO campaign.

SEO Strategies That Revolves Around Content Marketing

#3. Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion optimization improves your pagerank performance by driving more direct traffic within your site structures. Here, our trained SEO specialists ensure that your corporate, school, or ecommerce website is designed with strong search ranking matrix and easy site navigation in mind.

We optimize your homepage and landing pages with the aim of converting the acquired visitors to leads. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is one of our creative design approach that is aimed at improving your site user’s experience (UX). With excellent conversion rates comes more sales.

#1 Best SEO Company in Lagos Nigeria.

#4. Effective Link Building Strategy

Gain popularity and backlinks from other industry or similar websites within your niche. We use the best link building strategies and online PR outreach to align your service keywords with the products you offer. This process provides smooth user on-site navigational experience.

We build powerful, authority and relevant external links, otherwise known an inbound links that drive thousands of new customers to your website every month. We build sufficient internal links also to guide your site visits and search engine bots to different parts of your site.

#5. Free SEO Audit and Keyword Research

Stay ahead of the curve with actionable SEO reports. As a full stack search engine optimization agency in Nigeria that serves clients in Africa, UK, Europe, USA and across the whole world; we identify your specific needs, customer segmentation, and use advanced seo audit tools to scan, check and monitor your websites to find out the complete technical SEO errors that are hindering your site from reaching the top spot on Google. We analyze and fix critical performance and security issues affecting your entire websites.

Keyword research is backbone to every smart SEO project. Get keyword ideas and deep insights on topics that define the magic words and phrases people enter into search engine browsers. We track your website traffic sources, research competitors’ keywords, expose top keywords by audience overlap and use these useful data to boost your online presence, brand credibility, and catapult your business with our outstanding SEO ranking techniques.

#6. Competitive Analysis

Do not be disappointed when your top competitors are using industry keywords and phrases to target your prospects. We would help you overtake  your market associated stakeholders by conducting a high-level competitive analysis on their websites and finding the right organic traffic-driving SEO practices that can skyrocket your brand to 1st place position.

The aim of our Integrated Search Engine Optimization Analysis (ISEOA) is to uncover new evolving trends, market dynamics; determine your industry payers’ strengths, weaknesses; and leverage trading opportunities within your market. This information will help us understand why you’re losing big sales in what is otherwise a lucrative business.

Best SEO Company in Lagos Nigeria Google Partners

#7. Strategic SEO Management Plan

Hire the most trusted SEO consultants in Nigeria today! We help you spend less on paid search advertising and grow your enterprise with in-depth demographic and geographical market insights. We offer free SEO Audit and provided weekly/monthly SEO performance reports so you can measure our progress and monitor results. We’re the one-stop shop for all your local search optimizing strategies. We develop superior ranking SEO plan for each portfolio business or company that call us.

With advanced SEO methodologies, we provide fast latent semantic indexing, trending search traffic analytics, and location buyers’ keyword researching. We use screaming frogs’ tactics and mobile SEO optimization approach. As award winning best SEO Company in Lagos Nigeria, our focus is on the technical side of things that would help your site return the favor by driving the most qualified leads into your sales funnel.

Our Full Digital Marketing Services:

Online Marketing & Website SEO to Grow your Business.

  • Website Design & Web Hosting.

  • eCommerce Marketing Strategies.

  • Corporate Branding & Graphic Designs.

  • Content Creation & Copywriting.

  • Online Advertising Campaigns.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM).

  • Influencer Marketing Services.

  • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC).

  • Personalized Email Marketing.

  • Mobile Bulk SMS Messaging.

  • Animated Video Marketing.

  • Market Research Publication.

  • Links Building & Website Audits.

  • Mobile Application Development.

If you want to increase your website traffic, rank for more relevant keywords, and get more customers online, you need a full service seo agency in Nigeria and online marketing agency that specialized in result oriented search engine optimization (SEO) to do the trick for your business. As the Best SEO Company in Lagos Nigeria We help you get your business to the first page of Google.

Our Workflow Process:

Become the Anticipated Authority in Your Industry.


Abbakin begins all its SEO strategies and web linking campaign processes by having clear discussions about your business online goals. We then help you prioritize these goals and set deliverable results timelines.


After keywords research and competitive analysis, we approach your SEO campaigns based on industry requirements; including site title and meta description tags, robots.txt file, sitemaps and other key features.


Upon completion, we carry out rigorous testing of all core features to ensure functional and error free experience after project launch. This also includes technical support and SEO training to help your team manage new functions.

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Innovative Search Engine Optimization.

We’re continuously improving our ways of thinking; offering exclusive products at affordable prices, responding fast to service delivery.

Tell us about your projects now!

We offer content optimized search engine rankings using essential technical SEO tools like Google Website Analytics, webmaster Search Console, AdWords Keyword Planner, Sitemap Generator, Moz, Ahref, and SEMrush tools. We’re one of the top rated SEO companies in Nigeria like crankdigital, dptrax, zeodigital, carolinewabara and VTNS Solutions according to SEO reviews. We leverage Google trends, missing H1, H2, H3 tags, URL Submissions or local search listings on business directories and Googlemybusiness place, geo location maps, and SEO automation.

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