Influencer Marketing Agency in Nigeria

Let us create brand awareness, generate leads and increase sales for your business using influencer marketing. A well designed influencer marketing strategy can provide measurable ROI if implemented correctly; and in collaboration with the right co-creators and influencer marketing agency.

Influencer marketing has become one of the most popular marketing strategies today. Like organic search and email marketing, it’s one of the most cost-effective online lead acquisition channel that provides scalable results. According to Tomoson, influencer marketing yields $6.50 return on investment for every dollar spent; while 26% sales was also reported by the content marking institute.

Unlike pay per click advertising, or Facebook advertising, Influencer marketing has taken the traditional word-of-mouth marketing to the next level; where people share their views and experiences about a product or service with trusted community of friends and families to gain their influencing opinions or peer endorsement. As Seth Godin rightly put it,

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.”

Influencers are high-profile band ambassadors, industry leaders, subject experts, and media personalities who can reach mass-audience or large followers within your niche. They are usually categorized into Macro influencers, Celebrity influencers or Micro-influencers – used for new market entries or new product launches. Micro-influencers have a more engaged audience and enjoy personal connection with their network.

Influencer Marketing Agency in Nigeria

Influencer marketing can work for fast moving consumer goods (FMGG), tech products, beauty or fashion products, travels and lifestyle brands, etc. A company may work with an influencer on an affiliate basis; by paying a commission for any products or services sold due to their referrals. Others may prefer receiving direct payment for products they showcase on their platform.

Whether you’re a company looking for a new way to extend your reach, expose your brand, and drive more engagement; or a reputable promoter trying to make extra cash by working with big named brands, influencer marketing might just be what you need. As a leading influencer marketing agency in Nigeria, we leverage creative thinking and storytelling abilities; and use top influencer marketing platforms and content distribution channels; such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, and Music Websites to reach millions of target audience on a controlled budget.

How We Do Influencer Marketing For Brands

Effective Influencer Marketing Approach

#1. We Discover Your Ideal Audience

Understanding your target market is the first step to creating an effective influencer marketing strategy. Also, most successful influencer campaigns work best when the target audience aligns with that of the potential influencer. We research and filter out the most relevant audience profile for you brand and determine their expected needs using geographical, demographical and behavioural approaches.

#2. We Find the Right Influencers

Finding a qualified active influencers in Nigeria can be challenging. You need to connect with talent managers and form commercial partnerships. Let us help you identify and connect with the most powerful influencers in your niche. Be it the most influential celebrity actors, music or social media stars, sportsmen/women, fashion enthusiasts, bloggers, journalists or PR professionals.

#3. We Set Your Campaign Goals

Choose an influencer marketing agency that walks you through from concept and strategy to creation and implementation. We take the time to set clear goals for your campaigns and analyze the key metrics that need to be tracked in other to meet the set goals. The big three goals for influencer marketing include brand awareness, brand identity building, and lead generation – which results to more sales.

#4. We Design Websites & Landing Pages

If you want to build quality backlinks to support your SEO strategy and drive leads from influential partners, high profile bloggers and social media influencers; then you need your own website. We design beautiful websites and landing pages for all your campaigns; and include unique tracking code to help you understand the traffic and/or sales the referral partner is driving on your website.

Influencer Marketing Agency in Nigeria

#5. We Track and Measure Results

Just getting an influencer to promote your content or brand messaging isn’t enough. You need a team of marketing professionals, content developers, and advertisers who can track the key performance indicators (KPIs), and measure conversion rates. This will help you find out if we’ve achieved the real success: reaching the campaign goals, increasing ROI and reducing cost per acquisition (CPA).

#6. We Manage Ongoing Concerns

Working with influencers require a well-crafted product brief and brand guideline that outline your expectations and key terms of engagement. This includes project deliverables on relevant topics areas, campaign design concepts, target media spending, timelines, and more. We write original content for proposals, design eye-catching graphics and mange brand content publication across all marketing channels.

Influencer Marketing Agency in Nigeria

Available Influencer Marketing Platforms

Influence Marketing Tools and Platforms That Work.

#1. Social Media Influencer Marketing

Social media influencer marketing is a viral marketing strategy that prompts a large number of users to circulate, share or spread your brand product or service within a short time period. If your product is designed to attract the 21st century Millennials, then you would need to get in-touch and engage with these young and tech savvy individuals who have grown fun of social media and the internet.

#2. Guest Posting Influencer Outreach

Get the most out of your influencer content marketing efforts. Our influencer marketing program also involves guest posting on the influencers’ websites. We create quality content like explainer videos, blog posts, white paper, press releases, infographics, eBooks, ad copy, and other digital content that can inform your audience purchase intents and inspire them to start meaningful conversations.

#3. Influencer Product Activation

Are you launching a new product or releasing a new album and want your consumers to know about it? Let us help you secure brand ambassadors, movie or TV personalities and media familiar journalists who will cover the event live. He/she can represent the face of your marketing campaign and advertise your product by sharing brand experience with the buying community via social and/or mass media platforms.

#4. Electronic Direct Marketing (EDM)

Electronic direct marketing approach, also known as email marketing, mobile marketing or SMS messaging can be used to send out commercial messages to a group of your potential audience. We craft captivating texts and email messages and design email marketing campaigns to suit your brand offerings. We conduct A/B testing, track email open rates, click through rates and conversion rates.

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