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Abbakin is open to individuals, social entrepreneurs and organizations that may need business tools, skills, and support in developing or growing up their investments.

Our team is taking your unique requirements into account, providing the most suitable business packages for you. Our experience, expertise and library of resources will indeed set you on the right way to success.

Now you can find, download and view most available resources. If you are having questions concerning any of our products, kindly get in touch here.

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May 12 2018
  • 10:00 AM
  • Agbayewa Memorial College, Lagos Nigeria.

Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Workshop

The Abbakin Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Workshop and Exhibition is bringing the best out of the Nigerian graduates. This event is designed to educate young graduates and working class professional to understand that waiting for white collar form of employment or relying only on salaries and/or pensions should not be the [...]

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