Our Business Engagement Model

In today’s competitive business environment, the ‘one size fits all’ model doesn’t works any longer. Every project that Abbakin takes presents its own unique set of challenges in terms of client’s requirements, available resources and specific needs. We therefore take each service request as major consideration and implement proven business models and internal frameworks.

We offer both onsite and offshore service delivery models; basically to ensure that all projects are delivered on time, in the best quality and within the finite budget – which is the money the customer is willing to spend. Below is a breakdown of our workflow processes for all phases of the projects.


Pricing Structure:

Our basic pricing structure involves the use of a profit margin, calculated on the total cost of producing or obtaining a service. Abbakin may mutually agree on a fixed price for a project and start working on the project when client pay in full or part of the agreed sum.

For projects which come into the category of ongoing maintenance and support (Dedicated Resource Outsourcing Projects): we recommend clients to work on hourly price basis; where our resources work for a specific number of hours and bill client for the actual hours worked. Abbakin personnel and facilities will also remain at your dedicated services for as long as you need them on a fixed monthly remuneration.


Project Timeline:

The delivery and success of a project is dependent on how well and how often we receive feedback and resources. It’s said that “time is money” and this is a commodity that slips away so easily. When we reduce project time, we are either increasing the cost or reducing the workload. When we start a project, we ask that clients introduce us with the point of contact person – the individual who is the facilitator for client feedbacks and supplies.

Typically, Abbakin expects feedback from clients within 24-72 hours period. We also track all our internal tasks to monitor team efforts and commitments. This is to ensure the project stays within the stipulated timeframes. An exclusive project manager or account manager is usually assigned to resolve client’s queries and audit work in progress.


Project Scope:

We encourage our team to maintain the original scope of work.  This is because when we increase project scope (workload), we are either increasing the cost or the project delivery timeline. Any new features or changes that are introduced at a later stage are discussed and quoted independently.

Abbakin therefore recommends that clients should provide us with the specified designs, proof of concepts or execution plan that clearly defines every aspect of their project. This is because most projects fail when the scope are not fully defined or understood well at the start.


We begin all our engagement processes by:

  • Having discussions (brainstorming) about your business goals and helping you prioritize these goals into deliverable milestones.
  • Creating technical requirements and lists of all project features based on business goals, suggested references, and detailed description of technologies or platforms used.
  • Conducting a competitive analysis to determine who are your direct/indirect competitors, and suggesting anticipated improvements in the industry.
  • Working with your team to gather all appropriate contents, resources and credentials to begin the project.
  • Finalizing with all decision makers and our team to review all project details and deliverables that ensure overall success of the project.
  • Propose a price quote to the client for the initiation of the project, and once everything is approved, we kick off the project.
  • We also make it a point of duty to keep clients involved in the review process through daily/weekly reports, email messages, phone calls, and joint reviews.
  • Upon completion, we carry out rigorous testing of all core features to ensure safe, functional, and error free experience after project launch.
  • Where necessary, Abbakin will also provide training for client’s team to enable them operate and manage new functions, tools and other utility services.


So, if you have any question regarding our workflow, please get in touch with us here.


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