Paul Nwokedi

Paul Nwokedi


Paul Nwokedi

Paul Nwokedi is a talented young entrepreneur who initiated a project that led to Abbakin in 2013. He serves as Assets Custodian and ATM First Level Maintenance Expert at Bankers Warehouse Plc, a leading provider of integrated financial and CIT services in Nigeria.

Despite being an Engineer by profession, he chose business as a different path for his life. Paul is a small business coach,  a creative writer, and a growth strategist who loves to teach, inspire and motivate other people to become entrepreneurs. He has set up different start-up businesses from scratch and helped numerous others to launch and grow.

Paul is a Google certified digital marketer and experienced channel developer. He holds a Bachelor degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering; providing facility management and risk advisory services to the global organizations in the areas of Information Technology and Communications (ICT), Business, and Logistics.

Paul Nwokedi is a certified member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), the Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered), YouWin Alumnus and Rotary International Volunteer.

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Being an entrepreneur is neither a part-time or full-time job. It’s a lifestyle! With our world-wide network of resources, knowledge of local markets and customer-focused strategy, you are uniquely positioned to stay ahead in today’s business environment.

– Paul Nwokedi, Founder