Free Business Mentoring Program for Startup Entrepreneurs

Free Business Mentoring Program for Startup Entrepreneurs

Perhaps the simplest and most difficult part of starting or growing a business is developing a scalable business model, turning the big idea into innovative product, making the right financial decision, and completing the anticipated exchange of goods and views with peers.

Being an entrepreneur or startup requires that you identify real-life customer problems and explore solutions in relation to your business industry. And to ensure you achieve this, we provide the enabling environment through access to mentorship, business funding initiatives, digital marketing and training resources in various business field of interest including technology and agribusinesses.

Abbakin is the new frontier in entrepreneur acceleration programme in Africa; offering business promotion, knowledge sharing, management assistance and networking opportunities you need to get your business off the ground, and drive it forward.



How Abbakin Can Help Your Business?

The best way to solve a problem is due assessing the market potential of the idea. All you have to do is join our free business forums today and request for our 6 months online learning programme and training workshops (phase 1).

Based on your brief, get matched with a rightful mentor who will work you through, step-by-step towards starting up and/or growing the business that you love (phase 2).

Create a savings plan that connects you with our small business loan scheme which helps us finance your initial startup projects – letting you get by with as little upfront cash as possible (phase 3).

Graduate for 12 months and continue to receive programmatic engagement and community support from us until your business takes up and stabilize (phase 4).



Why We Do This?

Abbakin is taking collaborative actions among the private sector, academia and the government institutions. We strive hard to help entrepreneurs improve their performances, and succeed in their business and life aspirations.

When expanding a business, it’s important you consider having a strong support network of people in place to help you. Through individual development and support to small and medium sized enterprises in Nigeria, Africa and across the globe.

New startups can begin with a 6-12 months free business mentoring program; while growing businesses can setup their business structures, implement strategic marketing tools and technical infrastructures with the available resources and business development solutions provided via the platform.



How Do I Participate?

So you think you can make a successful entrepreneur?

Abbakin is currently accepting applications for startup founders, business individuals and companies over a business training period.

The Abbakin free business mentoring program is open for all startups and entrepreneurs from which we select the best business ideas for the programme.

Application closes 30th October this year.

Interest candidate must complete an application form below by answering a series of questions and providing additional information.

75% of our mentors, instructors and solution managers come from an entrepreneurial background with the skills requirement you need.

We will continue to developing this program as long as we can, making it better and better.

Our mission is to inspire, connect and empower our people to become world class leaders who effortlessly do business across time zones.

If you have any question concerning this program or any of our services, kindly get in touch with us here.