Business Mentoring for Entrepreneurs in Nigeria

Business Mentoring for Entrepreneurs in Nigeria

You want to get a business mentor in Nigeria? New startups and existing businesses can start with our 2-months business mentoring for entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Becoming a business owner or marketer requires that one identify real-life customer problems and explore possible solutions in relation to the industry. To ensure you achieve this, our business professionals provide outstanding business growth strategies and enabling environment through access to marketing, advertising and management resources in various field of interest – including technology, manufacturing, and agribusinesses.

Most big companies have boards of directors and business consultants that provide special advice to them. However, every business champions had good business coach or mentor who can help them avoid costly mistakes and maximize opportunities. Perhaps the simplest and most difficult part of starting or growing a business is developing a scalable business model, turning the big ideas into innovative products; making the right financial decision, and completing the anticipated exchange of goods for views with peers and potential prospects.

Being in business for yourself has always been the basic rule to wealth creation. But you need a support team that understands the current business trends better and can pass the required skills to your best interest. If you’re thinking of expanding and turning your business around quickly, Abbakin is the new frontier in entrepreneur acceleration in Nigeria; we offer startup business promotions, market research and information sharing, business training, operational audit assistance and networking opportunities you need to grow your business off the ground and drive your investment forward.

Abbakin is collaborating among leading private organizations, academic institutions and government agencies. We strive harder to help entrepreneurs improve their performances and succeed in their business using effective digital marketing strategies. Startup founders, business individuals, small and medium sized enterprises in Nigeria can now start their journey to success by setting-up the right business structures, implementing best project models, using strategic marketing tools and technological infrastructures; including the resources and business development services available on the platform.

How We Help Your Business?

#1. The best way to solve this problem is to assess the market potential of the idea. All you have to do is Contact us now and request for our 2-months business mentoring for entrepreneurs in Nigeria (phase 1).

#2. Present your brief and product pitches to help you get matched with the right mentor who will work you through, step-by-step towards starting up and/or growing the business you love (phase 2).

#3. Graduate from the business mentoring programme and continue to receive programmatic engagement and support from us until your business takes up and stabilize (phase 3).

#4. Create a plan to connect with accounting officers and small business lenders who can support your initial startup projects – letting you get by with as little upfront progress as possible (phase 4).

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