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Abbakin is the most active and most visited business website in Nigeria. Imagine how far your Ads will go when they’re seen and re-tweeted by our visitors, premium members, and brand followers!

Abbakin offers individuals and organizations the opportunity to connect with the monthly audience we attract through brand awareness.

Whether you’re looking to sell your products or services by listing them on the Store or promoting them with a Sponsored Content;

Custom Ad Display on Site; or through Social Media Broadcast, Lead Acquisition Processes and Strategic Partnership with us.

We cater to your branding and marketing objectives – by reaching out, engaging and converting your target audience.

Abbakin attracts over 1000 Page Views per month: men and women of highest demographics (25-45 years) with an average 5minutes On-Site engagement time; and 72% influence tech purchasing decisions.

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We have over 200 email subscribers, 1600 Premium User Accounts; 2200 Twitter Followers, 210 Facebook Fans, 450 Instagram Fans and yet the lists are still growing.

These units will place your advertising message directly in the front of highly-engaged young graduates, business professionals and busy working executives who are passionate about cutting-edge technology and business related products.

Your display Ads would remain visible as users consume our contents, including a back-link to your website – which will result in higher engagement, improved view-ability and conversion rates.

There are opportunities also for your products and/or services to reach a wider audience via advertisement on our special programs; such as the Abbakin Annual Business Conference, the Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Workshops.

As a sponsor or partner, you will get your logo inclusion on our websites; and placements on Events advertising materials. Plus participation and/or get mentioned on our popular Radio/TV programs at reduced rates.

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