How to Market Your Business in Nigeria

How to Market Your Business in Nigeria

How to Market Your Business in NigeriaIf you ‘re looking for online advertising platform to manage your brand reputation or tips on how to market your business in Nigeria, place free ads, submit business listings, print flyers and promote your business or products to a large Nigerian target customers, don’t worry; here are some effective online and offline marketing strategies you can try.

There are many ways to market or advertise your business in Nigeria, and the offline advertising methods are also important. But to get the best out of your marketing efforts and save cost, you should hire the best marketing team that will help you develop the specific marketing plan that will work for your business. Choosing the right marketing professionals would help you take decision on the best communication channels, advertisement platforms to suit your business needs, help you set the required milestones and lead acquisition processes.

To get started, add your business for free to Abbakin Business Directory and Service  Finder Website: This is a great way to promote your professional service or small business to customers online, drive local traffic to your website (if you have one), and showcase your products or business information to interesting buyers who are searching for your kind of products/services using major search engines like Google.

As a leading digital marketing company in Nigeria based in Lagos, Abbakin Digital offers individual business owners, service providers and organizations the opportunity to connect with the monthly audience we attract on our local listing site to build their brand awareness, connect with prospects, make more sales and increase their return on investment. With little budgets and media planning, we will create your online advertising campaigns using different marketing components.


How to Market Your Business in Nigeria Online Methods

Therefore, some of the best digital marketing solution to try include as follows:

1.      Display Advertising, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Website SEO

2.      Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing

3.      Social Media Marketing, Facebook Advertising

4.      Direct Mobile Marketing, Bulk Text Messaging (SMS)

5.      Directory Submissions (e.g. Visfinder, Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.)

6.      Digital PR and Press Distribution via Online News Media

Again, there are opportunities for your products and/or services to reach a wider audience via advertisement on special events happening near you. As a contributor or partner, you could publish free articles and get logo inclusion on the website with banner ads placement on the site; including event’s advertising materials where you are invited. Plus participation or mentions as a sponsor or partner on any popular Radio/TV programs.

Abbakin business listings site, is one of the most active and most visited business websites in Nigeria according to Google Analytics. The Alexa Internet Statistics revealed that 85% of its daily visitors come from Nigeria; bringing in men and women of highest competitive and comparative demographics, with an average 2 minutes on-site engagement time; 72% thoughts leadership influence, and tech-driven purchasing decisions. The site is actively followed by thousands of subscribers and social media fans.

You can imagine how far your Ads will go when they’re seen by our unique website visitors, premium members, and brand followers who can re-tweet, comment and share them across social media networks. Again, your advertising messages, lead generating contents and business listings will be found in front of our highly-engaged audience, social media influencers, investors and business executives.


How to Market your Business in Nigeria Offline Methods

Most business owners and companies in Nigeria are facing very challenging economic situations. However, these negative effects are not only in Nigeria as many businesses across the world are also having it hard, especially at the back of the Covid-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, let us look at some the best traditional ways to market your business in Nigeria and increase sales.

1. Visit your Prospective Clients

After identifying your target audience, you can prepare a sales letter, visit your to be clients and submit to the organisations that your are sure would need your product or service.  Find the contact person and collect his/her phone number to follow up.

2. Print Posters and Share Flyers

Today, printing of flyers and other offline marketing materials is becoming expensive. Obviously this is duet to the continued increase in the Naria to Dollar exchange rates. Most printing materials are imported into Nigeria.

Nonetheless, printing posters and flyers for your business is cheap and also effective. You can share your business flyers and paste posters in areas where your target audience would see them and contact you.

3. Advertise on National Newspapers

If you have the budget and willing to reach mass audience, then you can try placing adverts on local and national newspapers or industry magazines. Some of the top Nigerian news papers you can consider include Premium Times, the Guardian, Punch, Daily Post, Vanguard and Sahara Reporters.

4. Try Radio and Tv Mass Media

Again, you can market your business in Nigeria on other mass media channels such as radio and television. Here, you can organize a business forum, talk show, interview and more. You can also place a television or radio advert to communicate your business offers and news·

5. Advertise on Billboards & Banners

Print media advertisement using billboards  is one of the oldest ways to reach the masses. You may choose to use large format printing, display banners, digital LED billboards or mobile billboards like city bus advertising strategy. You can also place your business signs and pop-up banners within your business premises and in front of your shop or office location.

To achieve success, choose a good location with a quite number of foot and vehicular traffics. Create a great outdoor display design with bold text, quality image and clear massaging. Remember to include your contact information.

6. Give out Your Business Cards

Business cards are printed cards bearing information about a company and/or individual. If you want a handy marketing tool to promote your brand or business on the go, then design and print a quality business card. You can share them during formal events or business meeting as a quick introduction to your business.

Here are the best ways to do this: get a quality business plan design template or hire a graphic design or a printing company to do the work for you. Your business car should be attractive and be able to contain the following information on it: Your business name, contact address, phone number, email and company logo.


Wrapping Up: How to Market your Business in Nigeria

Abbakin generates leads for companies through compelling graphics, ‘remarkable’ content, website design and optimization, lead nurturing, marketing auditing and competition report analysis and more. Irrespective of your company size or location, we cater to your branding and marketing objectives by reaching out, engaging, driving and converting your target audience to customers.

With the advertising spaces on our websites, you can sell a product, promote your business, post a job, products for sale, or advertise year events with a sponsored post, custom ads, email broadcast to our lists. We do social media hype, email marketing and printing services. If you’re ready to reach our audience now or advertise your business online or offline, get in touch here.

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