Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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General Access Point

The Abbakin Terms of Service explains the terms and conditions of use and other such applicable policies that bind your obligation with us. Our Privacy Statement explains how we collect, use and safeguard your information with us.

These Policies are subject to change at any time without prior notice to you. It’s therefore necessary for you to review them periodically to be aware of any such changes or updates made thereof. Kindly click the links to read more.

If your needs are not met swiftly; or you faced any service related issues, please accept our apology for getting you involved.

Abbakin hopes that you will continue using our products; and will be grateful to assist – so we want to hear from you. Kindly Contact us by phone anytime or fill out the online request form to settle any service related challenges.

The Abbakin organization is open for all individuals and professionals; made up of different cadre and drawn from different parts of the world.

Our programs are suitable for entrepreneurs, busy working executives and ready to retire parents who may need soft skill training and support in developing and starting up their businesses; or future investment plans.

Abbakin exercise uttermost care while providing you with the most suitable packages and our team is taking your unique situations and specific requirements into account. Our Mentors are functional experts and experienced hands who will set you on the first lane to success.

Professionals at Abbakin can be important advisors in start-up and operating decisions; we can help you determine the best project model, infrastructures and resources that are right for you. That way, you can feel rest-assured in getting the right support team that’s in your best interest.

Purchases and Refunds

Abbakin offers first class personal services, innovative products, and business packages at fair and considerable prices!

Determining a good price for a product or service depends on a lot of factors, but this is done with two objectives in mind: (1.) Ensuring the Company’s profitability objectives is achieved. (2.) Ensuring the customer perceives the prices as reasonable and/or affordable.

Depending on your training packages or business requirements, payments are charged to assist with staff funding, course offerings and to provide you a good business experience.

While most of our contents are free, our training packages are usually between NGN20, 000 and NGN80, 000 (US$100 – US$400) for beginner courses; and NGN40, 000 and NGN160, 000 (US$200 – US$800) for advanced packages.

But remember to Contact us to discuss the project that suits your budgets.

Aside digital products which can be downloaded online, all goods and services ordered on can be delivered once you have paid for your products. You will receive an email containing an order number, which you can use to track the status of your products.

Returns of products or cancellation of booked appointments or reservations at Abbakin are allowed within 5 business days upon delivery. If you changed your mind and decide to cancel an item or arrangement, please contact by phone immediately: +234-8064-177970.

Abbakin adopts flexible payment methods for your convenience. You can use the simple direct credit transfer option to our bank accounts; or use the online payment platform (if available).

Please be aware that we do not accept mobile payment options at the moment. All cash, crossed cheques or transfer payments to Abbakin should be made in favour of Abbakin Glova Solution Ltd; through the account details supplied fully on request.

This is just a Sample Bank Details for your information:

  • Bank Name:             First Bank Nig Plc
  • Bank Branch:           Nationwide
  • Account Name:        Abbakin Glova Solution Ltd
  • Account Number:    101-XXX-7686

After your payments, we ask that you send the following information to us for proper documentation: your unique Customer ID; Amount Paid; Details of Payment (for); Name of Depositor; Phone Number; Email Address; and Scanned copy of the payment acknowledgment slip or teller (if possible).

Send us your mail to:; or Call: +234-8064-177970 to settle any payment related issues. You will get a feedback via phone call or email as soon as we receive your information.

Learning and Business Classes

Abbakin specialize in short courses, seminars and workshops that are designed to meet your training and certification needs.

Finding the right level of training is very important and our recommended training levels include: Foundation Classes; Certificate Courses; and Diploma Programmes.

Please contact us to discuss the right courses that suit your requirements and schedules.

Available content areas include:

  • Accounting and Finance;
  • Corporate Governance and Communication;
  • Leadership and Entrepreneurship;
  • Customer Service Management;
  • Human Resources Development;
  • Risk and Safety Management Systems;
  • Business Law and Insurance;
  • Strategic Marketing and Sales Managements;
  • Business Operational Excellence;
  • International Businesses Insights; and
  • Energy and Information Technology.

Whether you’re seeking to advance your career, improve your management, sales or accounting skills, brush up on the latest computer applications, and enhance your interpersonal or entrepreneurial skills; undertaking our prescribed Online Training Courses and Classroom Workshops are ideal for individuals and corporate executives.

Abbakin provides newest courses that you can start in the comfort of your home for free. But we have some premium, high quality causes which will probably help you make progress and achieve your learning objectives.

Our courses refer to the latest Business Management and Personnel Development Practices as accredited by established international body of knowledge. They are suitable for study anywhere in the world.

Foundation classes and advanced certifications in business managements are setting the standards for industries worldwide. Our Career Development Path that takes you from beginner to graduated working professional

These courses will help a professional get a good job, start his/her own business and stay competitive in what is now a highly digital environment.

Because we are in the business of empowering entrepreneurs, new individuals and businesses can benefit from our 6-12 months mentorship programs;

While expanding businesses can be as easy as setting up your business operational models, strategic marketing tools and technical infrastructures for your newly furnished office apartment

Abbakin Guaranteed Savings and Loans

Abbakin Target Saving Account is an automated savings platform created by Abbakin to enable you save little amounts of money daily, weekly or monthly towards your specific financial goal.

By investing or savings at a reasonable rate for minimum of three (3) tenors, this account will help individuals and groups to take out small interest loans towards starting-up or growing their businesses; purchasing investment products, or equipment for your newly furnished office apartments.

Once you create the account, you can top-up your savings target, stop or continue a saving plan at anytime. All transactions are done automatically; and you will receive email notification anytime we save with your Nigerian debit card. NO deposits fees involved.

Your Abbakin Target Saving Account is 100% safe and secured with bank-level information security standards (256-bit SSL encryption).

The funds in your ATSAccount are held by our partner bank organization, Stanbic Bank Plc – a leading provider of integrated financial and pension services in Nigeria. Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc is insured by the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC), so you don’t have to worry about anything.

While in the development stages, Abbakin will in addition help you finance your initial startup projects; letting you get by with as little upfront cash as possible.  So you can start small, and grow the business you love!

The Abbakin Business Loans includes our In-house Entrepreneurs Empowerment Programs and our Guarantee Loan Schemes.

Your Abbakin Target Saving Account allows you to withdraw all or part of your savings back into your Bank Account for FREE as long as your withdrawals are done within the planned withdrawals dates.

You will enjoy 4% annual interest (1% each quarter) when you stay on track and continues your savings. While withdrawing outside the quarterly withdrawal dates attracts a 5% penalty fee. Why? To discourage you from withdrawing before your savings target is reached.

Quarterly Withdrawal Dates: 

  • 1st Free Withdrawal (Date: 31/03/2017),
  • 2nd Free Withdrawal (Date: 30/06/2017),
  • 3rd Free Withdrawal (Date: 30/09/2017),
  • 4th Free Withdrawal (Date: 31/12/2017).

Quarterly Interest Dates:

  • 1st Interest (Date: 01/04/2017),
  • 2nd Interest (Date: 01/07/2017),
  • 3rd Interest (Date: 01/10/2017),
  • 4th Interest (Date: 01/01/2018).

If you still need additional information on how the ATSAccount works or how to get Abbakin Business Loans then get in touch with us here.