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Becoming a mentor, a contributor or supplier at is a way of giving back to the global business community online; connecting with the next generation of entrepreneurs in person; and promoting knowledge sharing, technology transfer and support for the micro, small and medium sized enterprises through our custom projects, such as:


Economic development through Entrepreneurship is a laudable project and we are working collaboratively to improve the quality and standard of our programs so as to achieve it.

Abbakin is calling on upstanding individuals, business experts, investors, corporate organizations, and possible international donor agencies who believe that interventions in Entrepreneurship is a means to achieving grassroots developments and breaking the unemployment cycle in Nigeria, Africa and across the world developing countries.

If business development is your forte, then we invite you to invest in solving the current SMEs economy problems within our communities; and join the creation of thousands of jobs for our youths through the Entrepreneurs Empowerment Projects currently available at Abbakin Glova Solution Limited.

We are seeking for your endorsement, referral links, moral and of-course financial supports. As a company or individual with the experience and expertise, you will gain exclusive access to our proven business models and be able to offer products or services that are well accepted in the markets. Your partnership model could be on a regular or voluntary basis which will gain mutual benefits.

On the basis of bilateral MoU, Abbakin would in addition exchange membership for free with other network organizations, agencies and global leading brands – so as to increase collaboration across border and provide Members (founders, alumni and mentors) with better opportunities worldwide.

Abbakin is at present working to be a member of the global body like the Institute for Small Business & Entrepreneurship (ISBE); the International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM); the Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM, Chartered); and Google® for Entrepreneurs.


We are indeed grateful to all organizations and individuals who have supported our course in the past years. We thank you and pray the Almighty will strengthen and uphold your continued efforts!

If you need more information about our partnership and sponsorship programs, kindly send us a mail:

Partner with Abbakin today, your contributions are important to us! And together, we will continue to put smiles in the faces of others, making the world a better place for all.


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