Business Startup eBook

You’ve got what it takes to be an entrepreneur! Now, get ready to receive massive value over the next 2 days you spent reading this grate business startup eBook. If you have a brilliant business idea but you’re not just sure how to turn it into a sound business project that will bring in real money; or you have an existing business and now thinking about how you can grow your revenue and maximize returns on investment?

There are several reasons why people choose to be in business. You may want to increase the capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage an investment or venture; along side with its risks in order to build your dream, achieve a vision, make profits and ultimately add values to lives. This book is a Self-guided Business eBook you can read to expand and fine-tune your entrepreneurial skills. The information can be tailored to suit your own business planning needs and specific environment.

Don’t wait to order your own copy today! Request and Download the Revised PDF Edition and join over 2,560 people who have got access to this Book and are now growing their businesses to success. This Book: Starting a Business 101 is a part of the “Starting and Operating a Business” book series by Abbakin; and is written by Paul Nwokedi. It is a new practical approach that contains every secret you need to set-up and grow a successful business enterprise in today’s dwindling and roller-coaster economy.

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Key Features in this Business Startup eBook:

  • It has over 500 business management principles and cases.
  • Provides answers to most questions entrepreneurs ask.
  • Over 50 small and medium size businesses you can start.
  • Tips on how to raise money and grow your business.
  • How to evaluate your business idea or new product line.
  • How to build the right team and market your product.
  • How to build a brand and register a company with relevant authorities.
  • How to avoid key challenged affecting Entrepreneurship in Nigeria, other African nations.
  • Read the complete Book Review.
Business Startup eBook


    Engr. Paul Nwokedi is an experienced ICT professional, an entrepreneur, public speaker, web developer and digital marketing consultant. Despite being a Telecommunication Engineer by profession, Paul loves to teach and inspire other people to become successful in business and career.

    Akinsola Hammed Ajibade

    “My knowledge and understanding of business management and management of resources as an entrepreneur got more enlightened through Abbakin Glova Solution Ltd. The e-book really was so helpful in solving challenges that entrepreneurs mostly encounter when wanted to start a new business or innovation. I say a big thanks to you people as I never regret getting this e-book and digesting it to my own use.” — curl from Google Reviews.

    Akinsola H. Ajibade Agro Allied Business Owner – Ogun State.

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