How to Start a Business 101 – Everything You Need to Launch

How to Start a Business 101 - Everything You Need to Launch

How to Start a Business 101 – Everything You Need to Launch

This course: How to Start a Business 101 provides the essential steps to starting a business, including the secrets that will support you in your startup journey.

If you have a brilliant business idea but are not sure how to turn it into a sound business project, then you are about to learn everything you need to start and grow a successful business.

Although, setting up a business in a particular trade or industry is not just easy, but this is going to be a rewarding experience.

Of course, there are several factors that may border your idea about setting up a business.

For example, most new entrepreneurs usually have many questions as stated below:



10 Key Questions Most Startup Entrepreneurs Often Ask

  • How can I come up with a good business idea that customer will like?
  • What need or problem will my product or serve solve?
  • How will my company make money now and in the future?
  • What are the procedures for opening my type of business?
  • Could you give me a rough estimate on how much it will cost?
  • How do I go about getting the approvals or licenses I need for my business?
  • I have a limited budget, how will I secure funding for my business?
  • What are the tools, materials and the equipments that I need to start?
  • Do I have to quit my current job to start a business?
  • How can I prepare a strong business plan that will attract investors?
  • What are the support, training and other things that I need?



If you have one or more questions similar to the ones above, then you need not worry anymore, because this course will show you the steps for building your own company from the scratch.

It covers everything you need to know to bring your business to life, market and expand your existing businesses, so you can make it a success story where others have failed.

This course is the first part in the sequence: Starting and Operating a Business Learning Path

This Series features over 500 business ideas and acceptable business management principles and practices worldwide.


Next Course is: How to Develop a Winning Business Plan in 5 Easy Steps


The information is important and suitable for inspiring entrepreneurs, young startups, and professionals wanting to start their won business. You can tailor it to suit your business planning needs.



Course Objectives

This course provides you with the resources and tools that will help you discover your strengths, decide on a business idea and then set you out on your way to success.

It is a self-guided course you can take online or attend workshops at our convenient locations for deep understanding that will expand and fine tune your skills.

The total package may include business planning checklists, operational excellence, tax/legal assistance topics, revenue growth opportunities and people base management kits.

At the end of this training, you will gain the required skills and knowledge to evaluate your business ideas, develop your brand and launch start your new product or services.



Course Preview

There are total of 6 lessons that may last up to 35 minutes or less.

Please preview this course below.


How to Start a Business 101 – Everything You Need to Launch

How to Start a Business 101 - Everything You Need to Launch1 




 Lesson One: The Role of SMEs in Nigeria Economic Development

SMEs occupy an important position in the economic development of any country.

As most Economists assert: “we will never generate a stable recovery from the depths of the “Great Recession” without an energetic response from both small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs)”.

This article reviews the roles of entrepreneurships in economic development, such as employment creation, poverty reduction, and industrial development among others.

It focused on the impacts of Small and Medium size Enterprises, SMEs in the economic development of nations like the USA, UK, Republic of China and the Nigeria.



Lesson Two: 10 Key Factors Affecting the Nigerian Business Entrepreneurs

As an aspiring entrepreneur who is ready to launch his or her first business enterprise, it’s good to understand the key factors affective the global business men and women.

As a case study, this article takes a look at the key factors affecting the Nigerian business entrepreneurs.


Lesson Three: 10 Important Questions to Answer Before Starting a Business

There are several important questions every entrepreneur must answer before starting a business.

This is because it is often very easy to perceive a new business opportunity and gain command over the resources  to establish a business.

However, there are several factors that explain why an individual goes into a business

This article emphasizes on ways startups can discover their entrepreneurial potentials and reasons why they should be in business by proving answers to critical questions relating to starting new business.



Lesson Four: 7 Types of Business Ideas New Entrepreneurs Can Decide to Start With

Starting and operating the wrong kind of business is the most frequent mistake start-up entrepreneurs usually make. This mistake often results to a waste of the scarce resources.

This article outline key types of business ideas new entrepreneurs can decide to start with and continue to grow their businesses, one step at a time.



Lesson Five: 5 Key Methods Entrepreneur Can Use To Evaluate A Business Idea

If you want to start a business or planning to launch a new product line, you’ll need to think carefully about your business idea and find out if it’s a great idea that could turn into a useful product or service.

This article outlines the key methods entrepreneur can use to evaluate a business idea before startup, solving real problems and adding value to the world.

If you are not too sure about your best idea; use these methods to evaluate your business ideas. We have provided a Business Evaluation Template for you to use.



Lesson Six: 40 Small Business Ideas You Can Start With Little or No Money

If you have not decided on a business yet, you can download and exploit our list of “40 Small Business Ideas You Can Start With Little or No Money”.

This article also include free access our worksheets and other resources that can help you identify and stimulate new business ideas and investment opportunities in small industries, medium and large scale enterprises.



Wrapping up: How to Start a Business 101

Downsizing, also known as workforce reduction is becoming the order in today’s employment markets. For a laid-off worker and those still in the jobs, this is the time for soul-searching.

Why not go into business for yourself? There are possibilities of starting a business now, even if you are still working.

A common problem is not having much money to start a business, surprisingly; there are lists of businesses that you can start even with little or no money.

Find out more about how you can achieve from our free business mentoring program for startup entrepreneurs.



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