How to Start a Business in Nigeria

Business Startup eBook

How to Start a Business in Nigeria

Looking for how to start a business in Nigeria? Find out more from this business startup eBook. It covers everything you need to launch start and grow. No doubt, downsizing, also known as workforce reduction is becoming the order in today’s global employment markets.

While other professions are faced with cut-backs and lay-offs due to weaker economy, the entrepreneurship sub-sector has continues to remain strong and stable in many nations of the world. For a fresh graduate, laid-off worker and those still in the jobs, why not go into business for yourself?

 This is the best time to start searching for the right business ideas, skills and solutions that you need to start small, grow bigger and earn additional income. Even if you are still working for others, there are different possibilities of starting a business now.

Here is a book that provides answers to most of the questions new business individuals and entrepreneurs usually ask, some of which are stated below:


How to Start a Business in Nigeria


15 Key Questions Most Startup Entrepreneurs Usually Ask:

  1. What does it take to start a profitable business in Nigeria?
  2. How can I come up with a viable business idea that will sell?
  3. What needs or problems will my product or service business solve?
  4. How will my business make money now, and/or in the future?
  5. What are the requirements for opening my type of business?
  6. Where is the best place to site my business office or shop in Nigeria?
  7. Could you give me a rough estimate on how much it will cost to start my kind of business?
  8. How do I get the government approvals, Nigerian business permits or licenses I need?
  9. I have a limited budget, how will I raise money for my business?
  10. Do you know any bank or financial agency that can give me business loan in Nigeria?
  11. What are the procedures, equipment or materials I need to startup a home business?
  12. As an employee, do I have to quit my current pay job to start my own business?
  13. How can I write a business plan that will represent the key specifics of my business and attract key local/foreign investors?
  14. How can I avoid the major challenges or risks confronting most small and medium sized businesses in Nigeria today?
  15. What are the business support, training and other things that I need to start my business?



Starting a Business 101 (The Book)

The common problem is not having enough money to start a business, surprisingly; there are lists of lucrative businesses you can start with little or no money. This business startup eBook covers a lot of things you need to get started.

Although, setting up a business in a particular trade or industry is not just easy, but this is going to be a rewarding experience. We have taken this page to introduce an important book that contains essential steps on how to start a business in Nigeria and achieve more success; including the secrets that will support you in your startup journey.

This startup business eBook provides useful resources and tools that will help you discover your strengths, decide on a business you have in mind and then set you out on your highway to success. This book review page is about our startup business eBook: Starting a Business 101; the first part in the sequence: “Starting and Operating a Business eBook Series” written by Abbakin Business Research and Development team.

This book series features over 500 business ideas and business management principles and practices from notable experts and business professionals. Its learning path includes business planning checklists, tax and legal issues, accounting principles, operational excellence, business marketing strategies, revenue growth and employee management kits.

The information contained in this book is important and suitable for inspiring entrepreneurs, young startups, busy working executives, and ready to retire professionals who want to start their own businesses in any industry of choice – irrespective of their location or jurisdiction. You can tailor the content to suit your own business planning needs and situations.

By the end of reading this book, you will gain the required skills and knowledge to evaluate your business ideas, develop your brand and launch start your new product or service business with easy.



Why you Need this Business eBook?

If you have one or more questions similar to the ones stated above, then you need not worry anymore, because this book is a step-by-step guide that will show you how to build your own company from the scratch.

It covers everything you need to know to bring your business to life, build your team, market you business and expand your new and existing businesses, so you can make it a success story where others have failed.

Are you still dreaming about winning the lottery? Stop waiting and start a business instead!  This book explains why you have better odds at making a million by starting your own business than trying your luck at the betting boots.

It a 15 chapters’ book that covers topics like how to discover your entrepreneurial potentials through SWOT Analysis; the types of business models to consider at the end of every brand strategic process were also discussed in this book. 

If you have not decided on a business yet, this book outlines investment opportunities in small industries, medium and large scale enterprises in Nigeria. Again, we included a list of over 1,000 businesses and industries you can start with and continue to grow your business venture.

It contains how to evaluate your business initiative carefully and find out if it’s a great business idea that could turn into a useful product or service; including how to create your brand positioning statements and avoid the embarrassing negative factors affecting entrepreneurs in Nigeria and across the world.

By purchasing this book, you will learn how to register your business faster with regulatory authorities and brand marketing agencies in Nigeria. How to raise financial capital, train manpower, procure equipment and material resources for your business growth.

If you’re ready to know how to start a business in Nigeria and make additional money or earn second steam of income, Click here to Order this eBook now. 

You will also need responsive website designs, corporate branding and online marketing strategies to grow your business and increase your visibility and make more sales.


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