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Project Description

Ahama Agro Limited is an agricultural and ailed products manufacturer in Nigeria, providing foods for the ever increasing Nigerian population and the world at large.

They hired Abbakin to create a graphic logo design for the business and emblem for their product. “The main idea for this brand was to create something in line with the industry, but also show a generic theme,” Emeka says.

“When I’m asked to produce a brand logo, often a crest will be a part of this, along with many other elements. I often refer to my designs as badges or emblems.”

Ahama Agro wanted the full crest with this brand—custom lettering and an emblem similar to a agro insignia.

“They wanted a custom typeface to distinguish their company from the others and work well as a logotype without any exterior decorations or symbols,” he notes.

As a logo design company in Nigeria, Abbakin produced several custom typefaces and icon, each referencing a productive farming style, for the client to choose from, along with four different design directions.

“In the final stages, we also produced a detailed logo design to reflect several other branding elements. Some of the elements are a little worn, color platelet, where as others are much cleaner.

This allows the company to develop a logo to suit any product line without losing sight of the original brand.


Graphic Logo Design for Business


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