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Blogging for Business

Date: Jan 19, 2019
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The main problem is that blogging to grow a business takes time, commitment and patience to see results.

“AB Drives Nigeria was in its early stage of development and thus seeks to improve it online popularity through effective content marketing strategy.”

AB Drives partnered Abbakin, a leading digital marketing agency in Nigeria to help with project evaluation and prioritization, business blog marketing and social media promotions.”

Including increased website traffic.


What we did

At a start, we chose our target number to be 50 quality blog posts which is the magic number for blogging.

Since the cost of entry to content marketing is creating valuable content that people would actually want to read and find valuable.

We simply assigned categories of the posts to dedicated content developers and copy writers who research, write and completely publish on a daily task for two months.

The blog posts were produced at an average of four hour per article; with a word count ranging from 700 to 1500 words minimum.

Up to two new articles were posted to ABDrives.com every day for 5 straight weeks.


The results

Oh! You think it’s just about hitting the publish button and you’re done with it?

Of course blogging for business is more than writing, it’s about reaching out to the audience through consistent promotions across all our influencer networks, social media platforms and using the best search engine optimization strategies.

Once each blog post goes live, it would be shared via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and relevant LinkedIn Groups. It would also be saved to other social bookmarking sites.

Website traffic increased immediately because of the social sharing.

By creating discussions in the right online communities, visitors clicked through to read the articles and some shared them within their own social media circles.

The website traffic also increased consistently background as there were people visiting the older articles from the Google search.


Blogging for Business


Search engine traffic from long tail keywords continues to grow, as our on-page SEO efforts and link building techniques continued while crafting the articles.

The blogging promotions instantly increased the client’s ABDrives.com website traffic by 250%.

Because of the dramatic increase in website traffic, the AB Drives Nigeria gained popularity within the online marketing community very quickly.

Here is what the client said…

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