Website Development for Authors Writers

Portfolio Description

Authors Writers is Africa’s premier ghostwriting agency that is dedicated to providing professional ghost writing services for individuals and corporate executives who want to write their stories, document their ideas, and share same to the world. The agency rightly understood when to take their services to a global audience by developing an official website.


What is the challenge?

Authors Writers needs an experienced web design agency that can develop a mobile responsive website ( to will enable them connect with their online customers who are looking for professional ghost writing services.


Website Development for Authors Writers
What we did

Since we understand the project’s objectives, we developed a very engagement website design to their advantage. With social media integration, blog development, and search engine friendly optimization process also considered.


The Results

At the end of the website development, Authors Writers gained increased numbers of website visitors with many of them calling and requesting for their services.

But not only that, they were able to increase social media conversions, brand awareness, lead generation and online community engagement by 75%. This is primarily due to our creative web development strategy.


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