Social Media Marketing and Management Services

As more and more people today are hanging out on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+,  Pinterest, and even Snapchat; small businesses, established firms and agencies are now investing in social media marketing and management services.

With quality content and social media promotions, new businesses can complement their online marketing efforts to gain brand loyalty from fans, attract ‘high-quality’ inbound links; build their email lists and boost online authority with popular search engines.

Therefor, connecting your target audience using the right social media channels will generate awareness for your brand, widen your reach within the market and grow your follower base.

Effective social media strategy can increase your customer engagement rates, drive more website traffic, and convert your social media leads into buying customers, which will ultimately result in top level sales growth.

But your company’s success on social media will require a deep understanding of your industry and its competitors; your customers’ needs and their journey throughout the buying cycle.

As a business, using 2-5 copy writers, creative experts and social media mangers that specialize in different topics, platforms and campaign procedures can take the burden of content creation and social media marketing challenges completely off your shoulders.

So, if you’re thinking of hiring the best social media marketing and management company in Lagos Nigeria that can meet your business objectives; then seek no further because Abbakin can help!

Our social media management team helps companies of all sizes grow their businesses across all social networks with clearly defined social media goals, SMART action plans and report key metrics that are relevant to your business.

All you need to do is tell us your special business requirements; including the minimum audience count, campaign ideas and design concepts, the number of reach allowed in each posts, the social media shares, best time to post and your content updates over the time period.

And if you cannot sweat this, then we have got you covered with our custom Social Media Marketing Plan that is designed to suit your business needs. Just remember to set a budget out for your social media campaigns, social media advertising and other social activities that get people talking about your brand.


Our Social Media Marketing and Management Workflow Will:

  • Evaluate your current social media standing, competitive advantage and brainstorm the best social media marketing strategy that works most.
  • Setup and create social media plan for your business and ensure we meet the project deliverables, milestones, and deadlines.
  • Craft and post targeted but high quality content that will interest your audience, engage and convert new leads into paying customers.
  • Carry out daily, weekly and monthly social media management activities based on the business social media specifications.
  • Design any/all social media campaigns and run social media advertising on most successful social platforms.
  • Monitor campaigns, report conversions on your social media profiles, and respond to questions or comments swiftly and positively.


Social Media Marketing and Management

Why Choose Our Social Media Marketing and Management Package?

Social media management can consume a large amount of your time. And people can easily get distracted by ‘feel good’ engagement which does not really drive business sales.

Our approach to social media marketing is to ensure that roles are clearly defined and tasks allocated to team members who will use unique Social Media Calendar and Tools to make sure no time is wasted.

Tools we use help to quickly create and curate content, schedule compelling posts on your social media timelines and follow up with the conversations in your community.

We will ensure your social media friends and followers match the demographics, locations and age specifics of your customer personas. And also provide social media marketing training for your team to leverage the power of ‘social selling’ in influencing your customers purchasing decisions.

For any on-going campaigns, our personnel will remain at your dedicated social media services, and will deliver value for your money. To avoid any surprises also, new clients can end their social media projects if it’s not working out after the first one month of trial.

When it comes to social media marketing in Nigeria, Abbakin Glova Solution limited is the digital agency of choice.

By implementing the results of extensive analysis, our study of social media trends, and the application of newest social media techniques, we are confident in delivering effective results within your social media space.

Ready to build a powerful presence on social media networks and position your business for success? Contact us now for more consultation regarding all your social media marketing and management needs.


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