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  • Have post title (e.g Guest Contributor, Business Listings, Free Ads, etc.).
  • Be valuable to our audience.
  • Not be overly promotional.
  • Not have been posted on other platforms or websites before.
  • Be original and written in clear, error-free and engaging language.
  • Include proper reference to all data, images and statistics used.
  • Image sizes should not be larger than 250KB
  • Include a brief author bio (text not more 300 characters)
  • Not have more than two external link to other websites
  • Attach a (150×150 pixel) author photo or head-shot.



For Business Listings:

  • Include Company Name and Full Address
  • Description of services (text no more than 200 words)
  • Phone number and email address
  • Company website (if any)
  • Main category (eg. Automotive, IT, Fashion Design, Advert Agency, Agro Allied, etc)
  • Contact Person (Full Name and Position)
  • See Suggested User List


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