Microsoft Word 2007 Online Tutorial: Beginner to Advanced

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Microsoft Word 2007 Online Tutorial: Beginner to Advanced

Learn word processing today with this Microsoft Word 2007 Online Tutorial and get every skill you need to work in an office environment and save yourself hours and grate amounts of effort. This is a self-guided tutorial that includes different features and command components in Word.

Over 800 million people have Microsoft Office installed on their computer but most do not know how to use its packages effective! Microsoft Word is a commercial word processing software application that is written and distributed by Microsoft for Windows and Mac OS X. You can use Word to type letters, reports and other work related documents. It gives you the ability to use your computer for desktop publishing.

If you are new to Microsoft Word or have being using an older version of Word, such as Word 97 or Word 2003, then you about learn the great features that come with Word 2007. This is because Microsoft Word 2007 is different from previous versions of Microsoft Word Windows. Its features can make your document more attractive, and can enable you to work more efficiently. By default, documents saved in Word 2007 are saved with the .xls extension.

This tutorial is designed for every computer users who want to learn Microsoft Word in easy and simple steps. It covers all of the key features a computer user will want to know to create a professional looking document. All that is required is a basic Computing skills and understanding of computer peripherals like mouse, keyboard, monitor, screen, etc. Throughout this section, you will be required to have Word 2007 application installed in your computer system. This will enable you follow up and practice every exercises involved in this course.

To get the most out of this Microsoft Word 2007 Online Tutorial, the lessons are made flexible to suite your schedules; you can attend classes at the Abbakin Computer Learning Centers; it is also available on mobile devices so you can download the PDF version and lets our fully qualified instructors guide you. At the end of the lessons that follow, you will learn how to interact with the Word windows; including how to create, format and print a word document in all paper sizes, how to design fun cards, print envelops, and send mail copies to clients, friends and families. Below are the following lessons that will be taught in this course.


COURSE OUTLINE: Microsoft Word 2007 Online Tutorial


Lesson One: Starting Microsoft Word 2007 Window

  1. Word 2007 Command Tools
  2. How to Use the Mouse in Word Windows
  3. How to Place the Cursor and Select Sample Text
  4. How to Execute Commands with Keyboard Shortcuts
  5. How to Exit Word and Save a File


Lesson Two: Word 2007 Basic Features

  1. 4 Ways to Open A Word Document
  2. 5 Types of Word Document Views
  3. How to Type, Backspace and Delete in Word
  4. How to Bold, Italicize and Underline Your Text
  5. How to Undo And Redo Command


Lesson Three: Formatting a Text

  1. Using the Copy, Cut and Paste Commands
  2. How to Use Auto-Text Command
  3. How to Use Spell Check Command
  4. How to Use Find and Replace Command
  5. How to Change The Font and Font Size


Lesson Four: Formatting Paragraphs and Using Styles

  1. How to Add Space Before or After Paragraphs
  2. How to Apply Line Spacing
  3. How to Use First-Line Indent Command
  4. How to Create a Left/Right or Hanging Indent
  5. How to Align Your Paragraphs
  6. How to Choose and Apply A Style Set
  7. How To Apply Heading Styles and Subheadings


Lesson Five: Page Layout and Printing Documents

  1. How to Add Bullets and Numbers
  2. How to Set Your Page Orientations
  3. How To Insert Page Breaks and Margins
  4. How to Set the Page Size
  5. How to Add Page Numbers
  6. How to Insert Page Borders
  7. How to Preview and Print Word Document


Lesson Six: Word 2007 Advance Features

  1. How to Insert Table in Word Document
  2. How to Insert Pictures and use Word Art
  3. How to Add Digital Signature in a Word Document
  4. How to Print on Envelops/Labels in Word
  5. Shortcut Keys in Microsoft Word Window


Microsoft Word 2007 Online Tutorial

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