Understanding the Best Business Organization and Structuring

Business Organization and Structuring Abbakin

Understanding the Best Business Organization and Structuring



Course Objectives

When you have decided which business is right for you, you will have three important decisions to make:

  • how to create a winning business plan for your business,
  • how to raise capital for your business, and
  • how to organize your business for the future.


As an entrepreneur or founder, choosing the best type of business organization and structuring ultimately affects your business success and growth.

This course will show you the all available options, so you choose the best structure for your new or existing business.



Learning Outcomes

At the end of this training, you will discover:

  • how to choose the right name to your business or company;
  • the best type of business organization to adopt; and
  • how to registering a professional business in Nigeria;
  • including applications for your federal and state laws;
  • Company tax related issues and business permits.



Course Materials

We have provided a business management case that will prepare your as the future manager of your company. Letting you understand how to solve problems in real life situations.



Who Will Benefit The Most?

  • The course is for potential entrepreneurs and busy working executives who are looking up to starting up and developing their own businesses.
  • Small business owners, marketers and ready to retire parents who are seeking future investment and possible growth opportunities.
  • Students, researchers and institutions who have identified needs for career exploration in business and who want to learn soft skills for employment readiness.



Course Type

This course is 100% Free Business Training!

It’s a short online course you can take at your own pace and convenient.

This course identifies notable insights from the Abbakin body of research in business administration through accredited institutions, and many more findings are forthcoming.

Candidates’ participation is through online mentored classes and scheduled assessments that can advance quality business management.

With our mentoring of learning system, training workshops and interaction with other in the Community, learning is not only on your own.

Abbakin created these platforms as tools for you to study, engage with experts, and achieve more in your private and/or corporate businesses!




This course is part of a sequence: “Starting and Operating a Business” Learning Path.

The series features over 500 business management principles and acceptable practices worldwide.

To get the most out of this session, it is expected that you take the previous lessons before continuing this course!


Previous courses include:

  • Starting a Business 101: The Free Business Training
  • The Business Planning Strategies That Work
  • The Best Strategies in Financing the Business




Education is the best way to empower successful, and we want to bring it to as many people as we can.

We expect that you share these lessons with your family, friends and colleagues on your social media and inform more others about Abbakin!

By the end of the course, you are to drop your own suggestions at the comment section – so others can learn from you too.

For new updates, business trends and statistics, remember to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @abbakinglova.

If you have any questions concerning this course, kindly get in touch with us here.



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