Tech & Productivity

Business owners and entrepreneurs are busybodies and ever active people who often have several things to do every day. And like everyone else, they have only 24 hours in a day. There is a growing body of research showing how technology and employees’ policy change and attitudes to work are making things easier in the global workplace. The Tech & Productivity blog section focuses on business growth opportunities though technologies advancements and management performance improvement through efficient time management, strategic marketing, personal growth, and effective corporate communication.

Web Design & Digital Marketing Training Academy in Lagos

If you are looking for expert Web Design & Digital Marketing Training Academy in Lagos Nigeria then Abbakin is a place to be. Abbakin provides classroom-based Web Design/Development and Digital Marketing training. If you subscribe for a training program in web [...]


Microsoft Word 2007 Online Tutorial: Beginner to Advanced

Learn word processing today with this Microsoft Word 2007 Online Tutorial and get every skill you need to work in an office environment and save yourself hours and grate amounts of effort. This is a self-guided tutorial that includes different [...]


Top 20 Most Visited Nigerian Websites in 2018

This post is taking a look at the top 20 most visited Nigerian websites in 2018.  You will recall that we gave you a report about the top 20 most visited Nigerian websites in 2017. Which saw,, [...]


The Nigeria Online Ecommerce Market Size and Trends

If you are stating an online business or investing in existing ones, here is the Nigeria online ecommerce market size and trends as it stands in 2018. As you would expect, this post contains the statistics of online shopping in [...]

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