7 Key Factors That Make an Exceptional Advertising Piece (Ad)

7 Key Factors That Make an Exceptional Advertising Piece (Ad)

This article emphasis on the key factors that make an exceptional advertising piece. By using beautiful displays of artistic expression and by making the ads memorable and actionable.

As the business owner or developer, having the freedom to create an advertising piece just the way that you want is a good idea.

However, the winning trick is about finding a way to connect with the right Advertising Agency that can dilute what was originally conceived, analyze what the today’s customers want, and then develop the Ad piece that will eventually fit the bills.

For clarity, the goal of every good or exceptional advertising piece is to convince someone to try, use, or buy your product.

This is to say that an Ad is not just about a few lines of copy strung together, supposedly telling a story. Although, since contrasts tell a story, you can be great by performing, or you can be great by encouraging someone else on to greatness!

Again, it’s not just about a yelling call-to-action assaulting our hearing faculties, but about the value gained, the problem solved and the happiness shared by the intending audience.

Thus, understanding what makes a particular advertising piece effective or literally exceptional allows you to tailor your own business marketing plan to achieving a better result and within budget.

Below are some key factors that make an exceptional advertising piece.



7 Key Factors That Make an Exceptional Advertising Piece (Ad)


#1. Quite Memorable:

A good Ad should first communicate clear and memorable message to the target audience.

People need to clearly know what the product is, before thinking about why they should buy your product.

Other popular techniques used for memorable advertisements are humor, nobility, contrast or emotions.

Ads have the power to make people feel sad, happy, lonely, or comforted.

A good advertisement needs to be in control of how the audience should be feeling.

In fact, a funny advertisement is considered more memorable.

Everyone likes a good laugh and will watch or listen to your commercial over and over if it’s funny to them.

Making people laugh can also cause them to feel good about the product, which means they will be more likely to use it.

If the listeners and/or viewers do not remember your Ad some times after, then the company sponsoring the Ad is simply wasting their time and money.


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#2. Good Targeting:

Identifying which product to advertise is very important.

Also, understanding who your target audiences are will also helps you decide which advertising messages and channels that are likely to be the most effective.

However, you may decide to use some of the popular advertising media such as television programs, radio stations, outdoor displays, print media, internet advertising, etc.

Indeed, what to advertise, to whom to advertise, where to advertise, and how to advertise are critical questions that need your genuine answers as the marketer.

This will no doubt determine whether your Ad piece will be effective, engaging, and capable to bring the returns on investment (ROI).



Key Factors That Make an Exceptional Advertising Piece


#3. Well Connecting:

Getting the attention of those your potential customers or prospective buyers is very very essential when we are talking about the key factors that make an exceptional advertising piece.

One should be able to instantly connect mentally, visually and emotionally with your Ad graphics, video advertising or word messages; and this requires some level of creativity here.

No matter how good your advertising piece may be at your own eyes, this will be worthless if it cannot get the attention of the market.

Simply put, it takes creativity to get people to look, listen or view your Ad piece and this is quite important.

Additionally, you should turn your plain advert into something attention grabbing by thinking about some kind of unique, timely offer or promotion.

“If you’re running a sale, or have a special benefit the customer can take advantage of, that’s a really easy way to attract attention.”


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#4. Clear Call-To-Action:

How can you take your Ad stands out from the competition?

If you have created a relevant product and offer anything unique to customers, then your business or brand can stand out by designing an eye-catching ads, writing compelling headlines, and clear calls to action.

These will make your advert look a lot more exciting, and gives the customer a clear reason to take your actions.

A strong, clear “call-to-action” in your Ad tells prospects what you want them to do. Research shows that people respond when you direct them to do something specific.

An effective or exceptional advertising piece should of course encourage the target audience to “Contact” you immediately, “Buy Now”or “Make a Reservation!” .

You need a strong call-to-action (CTA) that will make your Ads really outstanding and captivating.

Therefore your call-to-action should give your potential customer the logical reasons as well as direction to actually go out and buy or try the advertised product or service.



#5. Best Time-frame:

In any advert placements, the time you have to make an impression on your audience is limited to seconds.

Again, it’s also important that you understand the best time or hours of the days, weeks, or seasons to promote your business, products or brands online and offline.

For examples, adverting in the forms of billboards, posters and print ads may have time-frames as little as 3-5 seconds.

While for the traditional news media in the likes of radio and television advertisements, 30 seconds is usually standard time-frame you have to sell market.

This limited time will also affect the Ad space, discouraging the notion that an Ad or commercial must be full to the brim with cluttered and misleading information.

Less is more!


Only include the most important information here and keep your designs simple.

Sometimes, little is said about the product, yet this association for success should appeals most to your audience.

Study also shows that an Ad is expected to run for a certain time period, such that the information can stick to the minds of the audience.


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#6. Image Branding is Everything

Image branding is everything – and this is a deliberate act.

An Image is worth more than a thousand words!


As a business developer, it is a key part of any company to build a reputation that is true, powerful, attractive and useful to the customers.

Anything you can do to attract attention to your business and increase the returns on investment will serve as your strategic marketing tool.

This may include everything like your:



Key Factors That Make an Exceptional Advertising Piece

Key Factors That Make an Exceptional Advertising Piece



#7. Good Marketing Plan

Marketing and advertising is one of the most expensive aspects of a business development.

No matter the nature of your business, if you fail to advertise your products and services effectively, it will be difficult for your business to succeed.

Marketing is a ‘do-or-die’ for any startup.


As a manager, having a solid marketing plan behind you is also essential for a business growth.

A good marketing plan will enable you design the right advertising campaigns, create budgets and choose the right medium, marketing channels or industry influencers (marketing partners) that can deliver the right message – suitable to your target audience.



Wrapping up

Your advertising plan should be to make the viewers happy, and get connected with your products, by using beautiful displays of artistic expression to make the ads memorable and actionable.

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