Abbakin Business Forum

Abbakin Business Forum is our community conversational board that connects functional business owners, marketers, and developers together. By using information promotion and communication are the key means to keep business people informed about the current issues relating to innovation, products evolution, business trends and economic analysis.

We employ content delivery tools such as: business training and career learning programs, one-to-one advisory sessions with our Mentors, weekly newsletter publications, organizing seminar, events and discussion in dedicated platforms mostly used by members, entrepreneurs and small scale enterprises (SMEs).

We created these channels for business men and women to learn and dialogue amongst themselves on issues of business interest. Be able to influence economic agenda and Government policies through public advocacy and group representation on issues of entrepreneurship and business development in Nigeria and Africa.

These platforms and workshops also provide opportunity for businesses to share their products information, work ideas and consult with other professionals; create linkages with organisations that will enhance the marketing and financial growth opportunities critical to their businesses.

Abbakin Business Forum is a global business community that any business owner, developer, investor or supplier can join the conversation and contribute your thoughts or challenges.


How To Participate:

#1. New startups can begin with our 6months mentorship programs; while growing businesses can setup their business structures, strategic marketing tools and technical infrastructures with the available resources and solutions available of the platform.

#2. Purchase our Full Stack Business Startup Guide to learn the skills about building a viable business enterprise. And keep the conversations going by connecting with us on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, and LinkedIn.

#3. You can Join our Whatsapp Group or Subscribe to our Newsletters now if you want to receive latest updates about innovation, business investment trends and statistics.

#4. Spread the word about the importance of entrepreneurship at work or while with your families who may be interested in emerging business opportunities. Request our speakers for your seminar presentations or join our community programs to connect with customers or investors online or in person.

#7. Become a volunteer or get involved as a partner and contribute financially and morally in support of our entrepreneur empowerment projects and educational programs. And together, we will continue fighting for job creation, poverty eradication and economic growth.

 If you want to know more about how you can be a part to what we are doing, kindly get in touch here.


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